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When we’re not making cartoons, we occasionally write a decent article or two that people really seem to like. The following is a list of our most popular articles… at least according to GoogleAnalytics anyway.

Restore your N64 to its former glory – Our all encompassing guide to cleaning the N64 and its games, modding the console to play imports, and replacing broken analog sticks on the controller.

Konami Characters and Their 80’s Counterparts – Many of old Konami’s classic titles had characters inspired by the likes of Rambo, Leathal Weapon, and Terminator. Find out whose who!

SNES Controller: The Most Influential Game Pad Ever? – A look at how important the SNES controller design is and its effect on game pads even today. Also includes the famous “overlay” shot, as if your brain couldn’t put it together.

The Wizard: Where Are They Now? – People love the film The Wizard. This “Where Are They Now” looks at not only the cast from the movie, but also the games and franchises that defined it.

Ultimate Guide to Restoring the NES – Similar to our N64 article, this goes into detail about cleaning games, and replacing parts on the NES to get it working like new.

Confessions of a Game Store Customer – A fun rant about how it feels to be a customer in a game store.

Gamestop: Taking Advantage of Little Boys Since 1983 – My memories of what it was like to trade in my first batch of video games.

M.A.S.K. Come See the Laser Rays – A look back at the M.A.S.K. franchise including the toys and TV show.

The Top 10 Most Rad Mustaches In Gaming – Lots of game characters have cool mustaches. These are the best ones.

Castlevania: Bring Back the Barbarians – A rant about how Castlevania characters have become sissies over the years.

Cartoon Boobs of the 1980s: A Retrospective – Hot female ladies of animation from the 80s.

The Zombie Invasion Cometh – Like Zombies? Here are a bunch of ways to celebrate your love for them.

Check those moves Bronsky, it’s Exosquad! – A look at the cartoon and action figures of Exo Squad.

The Best and Worst of Wrestlers in Movies, Part 1 – Wrestler think they can act. Here are a bunch of films they attempted this in. Also, Part 2.

Celebrating 20 Years of Gameboy – Gameboy was pretty awesome wasn’t it? Here are a bunch of games that defined the console.

Ocarina of Time’s Best Kept Secrets – Did you know there are Arwings hidden in Ocarina of Time? Find that out a more inside.

When Character Design Goes Wrong – Clients sometimes want the most stupid shit imaginable. Here’s my tale.

Remembering Donkey Kong and Super Gameboy – Super Gameboy was sooo awesome. Donkey Kong ’94 was even better.

Turtle Power: A Look at the Highs and Lows of TMNT – From the classic cartoon down to the not so classic cross over with the Power Rangers.

The Iron Giant: Why It Failed – Why the awesome movie never got the props it deserved.

Babee Tenda’s Garbage Sales Pitch – Having a baby? Don’t fall for this awful Child Safety fake out.

Games That Pushed the SNES Soundcard – Many SNES games had great music, but these were the ones that sounded unlike anything else.

Playing it Loud – A look back at the Nintendo Power Source on AOL – When Nintendo Game Counselors ruled a tiny section of the internet.

Ghost Hunters… Good Riddance – Will they ever find anything?

Excite! A Brief History – A look at the titles in the Excitebike series.

Super Mario Bros. 3: 20 Years Later – The impact the game had then, and the impact it continues to have.

The Challenge – What happens when LARPers get upset at insult? They make challenges… I guess.

One man’s trash is another person’s treasure – Reminiscing about the first issue of Nintendo Power and other classic game books.

A Tribute to Winston Zeddmore – My favorite Ghost Buster deserves respect.

Morphin’ like it’s 1993, Phonies and All – A look at the original Power Rangers and the shows that followed.

Wii Hates Lefties – It’s true, the Wii doesn’t like left handed people.