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Well I never intended to drag out this series of write ups for three weeks, but that’s what ended up happening. It would come down to “Should I do this nerdlog post or work on the short?” and working on the short won almost every time. So anyway, we’re onto the final part of the Magazine Treasure Chest.

Tucked away in the chest were a handful of old folders from when I was in grade school and high school. These were full of drawings I did when I was a kid. Some have aged better than others, most are just dreadful. I’m glad I was a bit of a pack rat even when I was a kid because I do enjoy looking back at many of these pictures. I can remember drawing most of them and it’s neat to see literally a lifetime of my work and the way I drew characters then and now. It’s funny, I’ve never stopped drawing Link, the Ninja Turtles, they’re easily some of my favorites. There’s a handful of Zoink images too, and apparently I’ve had a secret Frankenstein obsession even when I was young. Weird. I didn’t even realize that until I came across it. So anyway, here are 20 drawings I drew ranging from the fourth to eleventh grade. Enjoy.

A bunch of Zelda drawings that I’m pretty sure I copied out of the manual from A Link to the Past. These were most likely drawn when Zelda was new, so I probably drew these in 1992. I would be 10 years old.

Pretty sure I drew this in class as the above. It’s Link, and I guess he’s fighting a Gibdo as well as a dildo. It’s supposed to be those green slimes from ALTTP.

I feel like I also remember drawing this in class, but being happy enough with it to take it home so I could ink it. I probably drew this in 1993. That Slippy is so bad. So is the sideways logo, ha.

The first TMNT picture was done in 1994 while I’m certain the one below it of the Turtles assaulting a giant Krang in the Turtle Blimp was done a year or two before it.

And to show some progress, a picture of Leonardo I did when I was a Junior in High School. One of my favorite parts about drawing the Turtles (as well as Link actually) is that there are so many styles to choose from.

Buster Bunny and a Zoink that I color on poster board. Probably done around ’92 or ’93

A TERRIBLE Street Fighter 2 image I think I also did in class. There is actually a sequence of these with every fighter from the original game, even the bosses (Vega, Bison, etc). Probably done in ’92.

By comparison, some Street Fighter Alpha 2 drawings I did when I was a Junior in high school. My Ryu is terrible, but the Sakura is okay for what it is.

Drawing of a Battletoad and DK and Diddy from the first DKC done in pastels… on line paper. Yeah, that didn’t work so hot on top of not knowing how to use them. I’d guess these were done in ’94 or early ’95.

Image of Samus that I’d guess I did early on in high school. Maybe when I was a Sophomore? I don’t know for sure.

I’ve already admitted my love for Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon in the past. Considering I was in love with the show when I was in 8th grade and early in high school, I’ll assume I did this when I was a Freshmen.

Thought this was funny. Picture of Hollywood Hogan after he said he would run for President before the 2000 election. Also done when I was a Junior.

Picture of a Frankenstein character. I guess I always did like Frankenstein, there were actually a few more like this. I’ll guess maybe I did this in 5th or 6th grade, so around ’93 – ’94.

A bunch of awful Mega Man inspired (and probably ripped off) characters. Oddly enough, the main characters from Out of this World also made the cut. Probably done in ’92.

“Z-Men” a terrible X-Men parody with Zoinks. Probably done in ’91.

I always enjoyed drawing these big war scenarios, usually they’d progress through a bunch of pages. This is obviously the war against drugs. Probably ’91 or ’92.

Another Mega Man inspired character complete with stats and bad spelling!

Finally a mishmash of characters, like Link, The Punisher and an Arwing escaping the wrath of Andross. Most likely drawn in ’93.

So there we have it, a small sample of my old art. It is what it is, and I’m glad I’ve held onto it for so long.

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