I have been wanting to do video reviews for Shamoozal for ages, so it was fun to finally get the chance to make a video review of my own, even though it’s for Elder-Geek.com and not for here. That doesn’t mean I can’t share it with you folks though, so here it is. What do [...]

So I know it’s not quite Thanksgiving yet (we still have a few days) but since this is the only time I’m going to update the blog for a while, I figured I might as well say happy Thanksgiving… so… yeah, Happy Thanksgiving! Since my latest post I’ve done a bit of work on the [...]

I won’t lie, I’m terrible at perspective drawing. While I can visually picture almost exactly how this next Zelda short will play out, when I actually think about putting it onto paper (well, digital paper) I get a little scared. I’ve been mulling over how exactly to go about doing the perspective work on this [...]

Well I never intended to drag out this series of write ups for three weeks, but that’s what ended up happening. It would come down to “Should I do this nerdlog post or work on the short?” and working on the short won almost every time. So anyway, we’re onto the final part of the [...]

During my sorting of the Magazine Treasure Chest I came across two game mags that actually featured my work. Oddly enough, I’m not actually named in either of these minor accomplishments, but when you’re a youngster with dreams of writing for magazines like this, it doesn’t matter how you appear in them. First up is [...]

Because Zelda has plenty to remember.

I recently sat down with Justin from the Radio Free Gamer podcast to talk about Read Only Memory. I’ve included a portion of the interview that goes into how the series came about, what old video game cartoons inspired me from the past and why I sort of still like the Zelda cartoon. If you [...]

If you often frequent video game websites, you’re probably well aware that the Gameboy turned 20 earlier this month. I’m not going to go into the history of the little portable that could, because chances are all you already know how awesome it was, how Tetris did this and that, and how Pokemon literally pulled [...]