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I love it when a plan comes together

I have been talking about ROM Vol 1 for months, but it’s one thing to talk about it and another thing to actually see it through and see what happens. So since launching the short, things have gone rather well. I can now sigh a huge sigh of relief. *SIIIIIGH*

Since going live Monday night, Vol 1 has been uploaded to several sites and has earned some decent recognition. Over on Newgrounds we were awarding a Daily First (the third time we ever got it. Would you believe that ‘How to Hook Up The NES’ didn’t get the daily first? I thought we had that nailed to be honest). On top of that, they were cool enough to feature us on their front page. We’ve had our content featured there often and it always feels pretty darn good. Over on NG, I consider being in limbo once uploading something to the portal. You either come to life on the front page, or you go to the depths of hell and your short forever becomes buried. I’ve seen both sides happen, so I know how it goes. Other than that, it’s our highest scored short under ‘How to’ and has gathered over 20k views in two days alone. Not too shabby.

Also, on Gametrailers it went on to become a Featured User Video, so that was cool too. Unfortunately, thanks to an absolutely crummy thumbnail that I can’t change, not many people are clicking on it. It hasn’t even hit 800 views, but it’s scoring well and supposedly ranked highly. It’s a slight bummer more people aren’t clicking it, but it still feels nice to see the staff over there took some time to recognize it and feature it.

Thanks in large part to GoNintendo, our other half in these shorts, we continue to find a larger audience through out YouTube channel. There is an increase in viewing amongst all of our work, so it’s good to see our legacy shorts still holding their own.

The even better news is that other outlets are seeing this and enjoying it. I’ve gotten some encouraging messages where even if things don’t work out, at least I know people are watching.

So now where do we go from here? Well, we make more I guess! I’m on board to do another set of ROM shorts with hopefully another volume coming in January. Deadlines will be tough to meet with the kids in my life now, but it just means I’m going to have to make better use of my free time. Less video games, more work. What I believe is the next episode is already started, so hopefully we can have that ready to roll end of September.

“But I don’t like ROM. I miss the old days.” That’s cool, I miss the old days too. I’m going to make it up to you. I hope. Tomorrow I’m finally going to sit down and write out a script for a cool short I want to have done in time for Halloween. After that, I’m going to actually bust out a sketch book for the first time in ages and start creating some concrete concepts of how to do things for this short. I have a lot of different ideas of how to present the art, so I want to nail that down sooner rather than later. I think it’ll be good for me to get away from working digital for a little bit.

I’ve had this short playing over and over in my head for months now. I have random notes on scattered pieces of paper I’ve gathered together today to start making some more sense out of. I can only hope it turns out well. And yes, it will involve Frankensteiner. We can just consider this the Frankensteiner Project. However, it’s not something I wish to crap out in a day just to get some cheap laughs. I want this one to count.

So I’m hoping that 2010 ends with a bang for Shamoozal. We’ve had more lows than highs around here. We’ve been doing this for five years now, it’s about time we find our wings.

Coming Soon: ROM Vol 1

Read Only Memory: Volume 1 is around the corner! So, what’s new for you loyal Shamoozal fans? Well, unfortunately, not much. That doesn’t make this release of ROM any less important though. Actually, it’s the most important one yet!

So here’s the rub. The idea was always to package 4 shorts together and then that would be the one I release around the interwebs outside of uploading it to YouTube and having GoNintendo link it. My original idea was to include some bonus stuff in between the shorts, but unfortunately, time has gotten the best of me and that won’t be happening. Instead I focused my efforts planning just how these shorts are going to interconnect to make it feel like one cohesive piece, which as you’d imagine is pretty tricky!

Today is actually the first day I’ve been able to work on putting them together since the birthday of my kids almost a month ago. I knew they were on the way so I put all my effort into finishing up Pizza Links before they were born. Good thing I did, because the kids came five days after Pizza Links debuted. Talk about timing!

Assuming you don’t hang out on our forums all day, my kids spent the first two weeks of their lives in an incubator since they were born early. As you’d guess, my wife and I spent our nights there while I worked during the day. I basically had to put Shamoozal on hold for a little while. Now I’m on two weeks parental leave from my office so I can figure out just exactly how to raise these little dudes. So with one week behind me and a grasp on their schedule and how to work around it, I’m finding time to fit in work on ROM Vol 1.

My goal is to wrap this up sometime by the middle of the week. Hopefully this thing will turn out well, and more importantly, hopefully people enjoy it.

Episode Page v5.0

Just wanted to let you know that clicking on the Episodes tab will magically transport you to our new (and currently updating) episodes page.

So this is like what, the 40th time I’ve redone the episodes page? It was a hard decision to make, but I’ve decided I want to stop hosting the shorts as a swf format here on the site, instead I’ll slowly be uploading all of our shorts to our YouTube channel.

I said it before a few weeks ago, but YouTube’s encoders have gotten much better and I feel like the HD versions of our shorts look really nice through the service. Plus, YouTube also has all sorts of cool little stats I like looking into to see what points in the videos people generally like (and dislike). Never thought I’d see the day where I rely on YouTube to be the main destination to watch Shamoozal videos, but that’s the way it’s going to be for the time being.

Anyway the new page is very simple. The latest cartoon will always be featured at the front of the section while the rest of the shorts lay below it. Not all of our shorts are up on our YouTube account yet, so you still have access to the old layout in case you want to watch something we haven’t covered yet.

Toilet: The Movie

Ever wonder what I was up to circa ’00? Pretty much doing exactly what I do now; making an ass out of myself. Frank had the idea to do Toilet the Movie back when he was playing Vagrant Story on the Playstation 1. Legend says he was talking to our own JDub through IM and commented how one of the music tracks from the game (by Hitoshi Sakimoto, who would go on to be one of my favorite game composers) sounded as if someone was having an epic battle while on the shitter. It wasn’t much later that he made some storyboards and asked me to be in it. This video was floating around on the Shamoozal of yesteryear, but it hasn’t been available on the net for at least the last 6 or 7 years. Looking back, it’s kind of embarrassing, but what isn’t? So here it is, in all of it’s glory. Enjoy… I think. Oh, and for whatever reason, uploading it to Youtube added these shitty scan lines. Not sure what’s up with that. Edit: I uploaded a different version of the video to Youtube and it doesn’t have the scan lines.