Unlike the previous list in which I went over my five favorite games from 2010 that did not come out in 2010, this list is made up of anything I have played from this year. Regardless of this rule, only one game that I’ve played from 2010 made the list anyway, so whatever. Anyway, the [...]

I told myself I wasn’t going to review the recently released Xbox Indie Game, Vexis, until I actually finished it. Well, I can’t seem to finish it because the last stage has pretty much succeeded in making me feel incompetent. The thing is, I know the answer is staring me right in the face yet [...]

A friend of mine, Brian, is about to launch not only his first game ever, but his first Xbox Live Indie Games title. The game is VEXIS, and from the trailer above it’s a puzzle game of the rotating and sliding variety. I know Brian has an affinity for puzzle games, so I’m really looking [...]

If you hang around the message boards you’ll know that I kind of sorta hate first person shooter games these days. Well, it isn’t so much that I hate them, I’m just tired of them. I haven’t sat down with a FPS since Half Life Episode 2 because I’m just tired of the genre as [...]

LOL… teh thumbsticks are there for a reason n00b! Problem: Lately my HDTV has been ‘spoken for’ at night, preventing me from enjoying some Xbox Live action. Solution: An unused VGA port on my Acer 22″ LCD monitor. Problem: The Living room is 6 feet away from my desk, so I can’t use the speaker [...]