I have been wanting to do video reviews for Shamoozal for ages, so it was fun to finally get the chance to make a video review of my own, even though it’s for Elder-Geek.com and not for here. That doesn’t mean I can’t share it with you folks though, so here it is. What do [...]

Unlike the previous list in which I went over my five favorite games from 2010 that did not come out in 2010, this list is made up of anything I have played from this year. Regardless of this rule, only one game that I’ve played from 2010 made the list anyway, so whatever. Anyway, the [...]

Donkey Kong Country was a pretty big deal when it came out. I’m not going to go into boring specifics, but needless to say I ended up loving it. Over the years since the hype has died it seems that most of the gaming community (especially the enthusiastic press) don’t really have any true feelings [...]

Sometimes people don’t really know what they want. Both Nintendo fans and critics come down on the company for being guilty of creating sequels that feel very similar to one another. Zelda has been under fire for years now as most people believe the formula hasn’t changed since A Link to the Past. Metroid is [...]

The Wii Virtual Console has been dead lately, and well, Sunsoft has been pretty much dead forever. Seeing these two things revived thanks to this week’s release of Ufouria makes me pretty happy. Ufouria is a late gen NES title that was due for release in the states but never made it outside of Japan [...]

While my love affair with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker continues to flourish, I had the chance to pick up another highly anticipated title of mine, Super Mario Galaxy 2. As I continue my slide further and further into the realm of the “casual gamer”, I’m finding that my consoles are collecting and ever growing [...]

Everyone has reviewed Mario Galaxy 2 by this point. Hell, I even had my own review all typed up and ready to go but realized I offered nothing you couldn’t find elsewhere, and it very much echoed my review from the original game. Tonight I just about wrapped up the second half of Galaxy 2. [...]

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Muramasa is *almost* a classic

Most brawlers these days have more in common with God of War and Ninja Gaiden than they do traditional 2D beat ‘em ups of yesterday like Turtles In Time or Double Dragon. Vanillaware’s latest Wii effort, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, takes the core concepts that fuels today’s action games, and blends them seamlessly within a [...]