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Do you miss The Zoinks?

It’s hard to believe I haven’t come up with a new short for The Zoinks since 2007. The final episode I produced was Fruit Smoothies, and the entire creation process was streamed over UStream and made in about 12 hours total.

The Zoinks shorts were originally intended to be produced on average of once a month (along with everything else, can you believe it?) but that obviously didn’t happen. Seriously though, none of these shorts actually took much time, I just never really bothered to come up with a bunch of worthwhile ideas for the characters. Each of them probably took a solid day worth of work, sometimes spread over the course of a weekend. They’re very simple, and that was always the intention. Thinking back, I think I banged out Finger Paints in about four hours one night.

Carboard Box was actually the first Shamoozal short ever produced. When I originally bought this domain I had nothing but a logo up. Not much later I had a link for the forums, and then about a month later I had put up Carboard Box as a teaser cartoon. It stayed there until I finally assembled a basic site layout and our first “real” short, Candy Corns.

I have actually had some ideas recently to take the creatures in a slightly different direction. If I do another short, it likely won’t “look” like these original four, so I felt the best way to present them on this upload was to bundle all four of them together. Knock them out all in one shot, you know?

As a bonus, I’ve also uploaded the original theme music Joe came up with for The Zoinks. I don’t think it’s ever been heard in its entirety before, though different clips of it have been used throughout the four episodes.

Will we see The Zoinks again? Time will tell.

The Original Zoinks

I have said before that I would never release my old animated shorts prior to everything done on this site, but I came across my original Zoinks video from 2001 and figured I would share it. Figured it was the least I could do in preparation for GFG#5.

Anyway, I guess a little history is involved here. I came up with The Zoinks way back when I was in the 4th or 5th grade. I would just draw these big ridiculous scenes during class all day. Sometime towards the end of high school (so around 2000) I came across all of the old drawings that I had saved and put them up on the old Shamoozal website. People kind of enjoyed looking at all those old pictures, so a little later I kicked around the idea of making an animated short based on them. One night in early 2001, I must have been bored out of my mind (looking back, this is a few months before I started The Art Institute) and I threw this thing together in a night. I had zero idea how to use Flash at the time, absolutely no idea how to animate, and I was learning the basics of After Effects just for fun.

One thing that particularly bothers me about this video is that the only version I have is a small 160×120 video file. At the time, my computer didn’t have much storage, and rendering out full size video was a massive under taking that I didn’t have time for. Plus, video compression techniques were terrible in those days and Shamoozal was located on one of those crummy free web services (anyone remember XOOM?) so the file size needed to be really tiny. Unfortunately I don’t have the original art assets so I can’t render a new one. The video looks like garbage and is blown out. See those titles on the white? That’s actually supposed to be a piece of loose leaf paper. Yeah, whatever, it’s the best I can offer.