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Movie Info of the Week (Jan 17-21 2011)


My DVD/Blu-Ray Pick

Buried – this is one I was dying to see when it came out in theaters but it was only a limited release and wasn’t playing anywhere near me. So I look forward to finally being able to check it out now that its on DVD and Blu Ray. Its about Ryan Reynolds getting buried alive with a lighter and a cell phone. A call comes in and says he has 90 minutes to escape. Not sure of any details besides that. But I heard a lot of good things which is surprising since Reynolds pretty much has to carry the whole movie on his own. Plus its not a comedy like he usually stars in so its something of an odd choice casting-wise. I look forward to watching this.

My Theater Pick
No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached – sorry its another one of those weeks where nothing else comes out. Sometimes I’ll choose a limited release but its not really fair since it might not be showing in your area. This is the only wide release flick coming out this Friday. It has a couple things going for it. Its R rated. Natalie Portman is hot. And the director of Ghostbusters, Ivan Reitman, is doing it. But, the negatives are its a romantic comedy with Ashton Kutcher starring alongside Natalie. And Reitman hasn’t really been on a hot streak lately. He hasn’t even directed anything in the last 5 years. So I really have no hope for this one but I picked it anyway.

Box Office Results
The Green Hornet

Wow, The Green Hornet really tore shit up over the weekend, making about $35 Million. I didn’t know that character was even popular. I guess Seth Rogen has enough star power to attract a big crowd. Or maybe people really enjoyed the trailers. I didn’t.

Also coming out in stores this week is Takers, Stone, Jack Goes Boating, Animal Kingdom and The Virginity Hit.