On this episode of Shamoozal’s Game Club we dug into the retro-style RPG Cthulhu Saves the World from Zeboyd Games. We break it down in the way that we are now known to do. We also feature three fine tracks from the CStW original soundtrack by Gordon McNiel, if you like what you hear we suggest [...]

Next time we’re going to be playing Cthulhu Saves the World from Zeboyd Games You can buy it as part of a 2-Pack for $2.99 on Steam, or you can get a 4-pack to share with your friends on Gamersgate. Its also available through the XBL Indie store for 240 msp. Grab the game, play it and [...]

Is this Xbox Indie title the Purrfect way to spend 80 MSP? Find out…

Get ready for the bare-knuckle goodness… with gloves on.

Shamoozal takes on a Classic in the first episode of our newest Podcast

Phil and I have been hinting around about a new game related podcast here at Shamoozal for a pretty long time. Doing the Born Again Casual podcast was always a lot of fun and I’ve regretted that we had to stop doing it. Our personal schedules over the past year and half have made it [...]