Need something entertaining to listen to during the start of the apocalypse this weekend? We will be recording our semi-bi-monthly podcast this Saturday at around 9:00PM EST, and of course we’ll be doing it live which you’ll be able to watch right here on What to expect from Saturday night’s main event? Well it’s [...]

You’ll have to excuse me, I’m on some sort of Lost kick. I had a dream about Season 7 a few nights ago which was sadly not real (it’s okay, it was shaping up to be a nonsense season in that dream anyway) and today I grabbed The Final Season OST, which is fantastic I [...]

This month the legendary Nintendo Entertainment System turns 25 years old (along with Back to the Future!). Hard to believe I was only three years old when the NES secretly went to retail in New York and slowly became the console that changed the industry. My family didn’t get one until probably 1988 which is [...]

After an whole summer hiatus Shamoozal Radio is back! The episode begins with a batch of Shocker News including the UN’s new Alien Ambassador, and a Father and Son’s awful scheme to make big bucks in prison. Joe brings us a new game called Baby Bites where we need to guess the words that Joe’s [...]

Should have had this up over the weekend but I was super busy! Anyway, our fourth Anniversary starts out with a bit of an SRP shake up. The Shamoozal News segment gets pushed behind our regular news updates, and the Whore Daddy/Clutch turns into an ending thoughts of sorts. We hit up topics like the [...]

Somehow we managed to talk about The Human Centipede yet AGAIN. That isn’t really what the show is about though, it’s time for our annual Summer Movie preview! We go through a quick list of planned hits and offer our thoughts. For once we actually have some Shamoozal news and go a bit into the [...]

Join us for SRP #31! We took a two month break, but we got together last week for a bit of SRP fun. We weren’t able to do it live since we didn’t have Steve with us, but in his place is an appearance from the only guy that updates our blog, John. We play [...]