Our first podcast of 2010! We start out with a bit of talk about what we plan on doing for the entire year, and then move right into our 24 themed trivia in which the punishment is for us to put our fingers into a bug zapper. It was pretty brutal, thankfully yours truly only [...]

It has been a long time coming, but here is the download version of Shamoozal Radio #29 from earlier this month. To be honest it’s been a while since the podcast so I don’t remember the full details of everything we went over, but I do know there is more about our plans for the [...]

This was a really fun bit from well over two years ago. I guess Jim was feeling really inspired by G4′s Ninja Warrior and decided to come up with his own take on it that we could play during the show. The idea was that we each had a minute to run through a series [...]

Once in a while we produce some pure gold during our monthly podcasts, so I figured I’d start going through some of the episodes and picking out some of our better moments and uploading them to YouTube. I thought Jim’s story from SRP #26 back in June would be a pretty good starting point. It’s [...]