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Another Nintendo Day One


I made a crucial error last night before bed. I put in my earbuds and selected the latest episode of Weekend Confirmed. I usually like to listen to podcasts as I go to bed, it helps me doze off. However, this episode started out with a lot of talk about the new Nintendo 3DS. I’ve been holding off on reading or listening to too much about the 3DS because I know my track record. I figured I’d wait a few months and then pick one up once I knew the water temperature.

I don’t know if it was going to sleep listening to the Weekend Confirmed guys praising the 3DS, but I woke up with one mission to accomplish.

I went out to pick up breakfast for the family (a Sunday tradition) and decided to stop by my local Target… just to check. It was around 8:45 am and no one was waiting in line by the door. I saw about 10 people standing outside the GameStop on the other end of the shopping center. I figured if people were lined up at the GameStop then there was probably no chance that Target had any left.

I decided to go in anyway… just to make sure (you have to be sure, you know). The place was empty, bu there were a couple people working at the electronics counter. The guy asked me what I was looking for and I said “Are there any 3DS left or if have they all been pre-ordered up”. They both laughed and said they had tons of them, what color would I like? I bought a blue one and a copy of Pilotwings Resort.

Something about Nintendo systems always brings out the kid in me. I sat on a curb in front of a Toys R Us with my wife the morning the Gamecube was released. I stood in line with the Shamoozal crew for the Wii’s midnight launch. I even pre-ordered a DSi from Amazon and raced home from work on my lunch break to intercept it. For me, Nintendo reminds me of Christmas mornings playing Mario games or exploring Hyrule after my homework was done. It’s something I enjoy with my six year old daughter in the same way that a parent might enjoy riding Dumbo with their child at the Magic Kingdom. It’s a connection between your own childhood and the child you’re raising.

So far since getting it home, we’ve been playing with all the pre-installed stuff. The AR Card Games completely blew me away. I really wasn’t expecting it to do anything that neat with the 3D. As I write this, my daughter is walking around the house taking 3D pics of the dog and everything else she can. I figure we’ll try out Pilotwings at some point today.

So there you go, Nintendo gets another day one purchase out of me.