My DVD/Blu-Ray Pick Cedar Rapids – this was a limited release in theaters back in February of this year. I don’t know why it didn’t get a wide release because it had some big name stars and looked pretty funny. I didn’t get a chance to see it due to the handful of theaters it [...]

My DVD/Blu-Ray Pick Hall Pass – the Farrelly Brothers are really hit or miss. They put out a lot of comedies and they’re never completely loved by the masses. Well they did put out one of the greatest comedies of all time in Dumb & Dumber, so I can’t really say they’re NEVER loved. In [...]

My DVD/Blu-Ray Pick Buried – this is one I was dying to see when it came out in theaters but it was only a limited release and wasn’t playing anywhere near me. So I look forward to finally being able to check it out now that its on DVD and Blu Ray. Its about Ryan [...]