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DVD and Blu-Ray Releases for September 28th

Iron Man 2Greek

Iron Man 2Robert Downey Jr. returns as eccentric billionaire Tony Stark who is now revealed as Iron Man to the world. The government wants the “weapon” turned over but Stark believes he must continue to keep peace on his own terms. Ivan Danko (Mickey Rourke), a Russian who is obsessed with Stark, looks to take him out for good. Directed by Jon Favreau.

Get Him To The Greek – Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) works at a record company and brings up the idea of having a 10 year anniversary show at the Greek Theater for Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) and his band Infant Sorrow. Snow is off the wagon and living the full on rock star lifestyle so Green is having a hard time getting him to meet his deadlines. Written and Directed by Nicholas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall).

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