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Shamoozal’s Game Club #1 – Rayman


The first episode of Shamoozal’s Game Club is here and ready for Transfarring to your device of choice. We set a goal of having the podcast out by the end of June and I’m pretty happy that we hit the mark. In this episode we took a critical look at the original Rayman, going over what we liked and didn’t like about the game. We also tried to showcase some music from Rayman as well as feature an awesome bit of chiptune by RushJet1. The song is Wasteland and can be found on their new album “Forgotten Music” over at Ubiktune.

Don’t forget to head to our forums and vote on the games for the next episode. The poll is between Streets of Rage 2 and Comix Zone, two Genesis classics. Regardless of which one wins, they’re both available on Steam this week for only 2 dollars, and if you own any sort of Sega Genesis Collection you probably already own one of these games. Be sure to vote!

If you’re already subscribed to our Podcast feed then all you need to do is wait for the episode to show up in your Podcast aggregator. Or, you can go a head and listen to it right here:

New Podcast: Shamoozal’s Game Club


Phil and I have been hinting around about a new game related podcast here at Shamoozal for a pretty long time. Doing the Born Again Casual podcast was always a lot of fun and I’ve regretted that we had to stop doing it. Our personal schedules over the past year and half have made it really difficult to coordinate something, but things have started to settle down for both of us. When we started talking about doing another game podcast we both agreed that it had to be an idea worth doing. BAC was a cool format, but it was kind of a pain in the ass to pull off every week with all the video capture, live streaming and keeping the topics fresh. We knew that if we were going to start a new podcast that it had to be something different.

One of the most important things about BAC to us was that it relied on involving the audience and that’s something we definitely want to continue. Another thing that has been missing from Shamoozal for a long time was our scheduled Game Nights and its our hope that this new podcast helps to rectify that on some level.

So without further ado, we’d like to announce our new Podcast Shamoozal’s Game Club. The podcast will essentially be like a book club for classic and retro games. A poll will be posted in our forums with 2-3 games. We’ll ask our audience to vote on the game they want to play for that cycle. After a couple days (TBD) we’ll close the poll and lock in the game.

Over the next week to week and a half, we (Me, Phil, you guys/gals) will play through the game and collect our thoughts. We’d love it if the audience would offer opinions via the forums or Twitter. Then on Tuesday nights (bi-weekly) we’ll record the podcast, discuss the game and include some comments from you all as well. The podcast will be edited and released by Thursday.

After the podcast is out we’ll post a new Poll and the cycle starts again.

Now while this will be a large portion of the podcast, we’ll also be sure to hit some Game News Headlines and offer some editorials on them. We’re also going to feature Game Music and Chip-tunes on the show, spotlighting new artists as well as music from the game we’re discussing on that episode. There has also been discussions about getting some guests on the show with us from time to time to take part in the fun.

So right now the plan is to record our first episode on Tuesday June 28th. We’re going to have a poll in the Podcast Forums for the first game. Right now it’s between Rayman and Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. Head on over and cast your vote!

We’re going to stick to games that are available through various digital distribution methods and cost no more than $9.99. In most cases we’re going to try to stay even lower than that. Your participation is optional, but we’re really hoping to build a great ongoing community event out of this… something that has room to grow.

We’re excited about this, we hope you are too!

I guess I should write about something

Wait, what? I run a website? Yeah, sorry that I haven’t really been around folks, and I can’t say I have a good reason either.

It’s been way too long since I’ve written a Nerdlog post and it’s been even longer since I sat down to work on the short. I worked really hard on that thing for about a month and a half and after getting through the shot I was working on I took a short break that ended up becoming an even longer break. Before I knew it, a whole month had gone by since I did any sort of work on the short. So it was a combination of being partly lazy and partly burning myself out. The burning myself out on doing work sort of just slipped into laziness. My plan was to get back into the swing of things this week, but that just isn’t looking very likely at the moment. Perhaps next week will be a fresh start and I’ll be able to move along with the Contra short.

As always I have “plans” for this site, but they don’t always pan out do they? Steve and I have been talking about starting up some form of Born Again Casual again, which was our weekly live podcast about video games. It may not be weekly, it won’t be live and it certainly won’t be called Born Again Casual, but right now we’re in the process of just trying to come up with something different. The last thing I want to do is start up the podcast and do a “Whatcha Been Playin” segment followed up by some news. I mean really, type in some random URL that includes a common game term and it’ll probably bring you to some site that has a podcast that does that sort of show. To shy away from that on our old format, Steve and I would present gaming related questions to each other and try to debate them. Still, I want to do something different even from that. It’s especially hard for me personally because I’ve fallen out of following new releases like I used to. I barely get to play games like I used to, and it’s rare I’ll plunk down the cash on brand new titles these days. I’m really out of the loop, especially since my taste in games doesn’t seem to follow the same taste in games that most people have. I’d say my taste is eccentric, but it’s probably more rooted in me getting older and sticking with the stuff I liked when I was younger (err uhh 2D Platformers). So yeah, we need to come up with a unique slant before seriously moving forward with that.

I’ve also said this before too, but I really want to start making some short little vlog type videos. Simple things in place of the normal Nerdlog posts just to offer something more to you guys. Again, plenty of ideas, but executing them is always the issue. Maybe I’ll be motivated enough to put one together sometime before the weekend, who knows. I just have this issue with showing my own face and like talking directly into a camera, so I’ll probably try and steer away from that.

So again, thanks for sticking with us through our slow times. I’ll try and get back into the habit of updating the blog more (I always feel shame when the last few entries are John’s movie posts) and get back on track with the short. Maybe ROM Vol 2 will actually be finished, you know, by the end of the year or something. Ha.

Shamoozal Radio – Judgment Day – LIVE This Saturday

Terminator 2 SRP

Need something entertaining to listen to during the start of the apocalypse this weekend? We will be recording our semi-bi-monthly podcast this Saturday at around 9:00PM EST, and of course we’ll be doing it live which you’ll be able to watch right here on Shamoozal.com.

What to expect from Saturday night’s main event? Well it’s the fifth year anniversary of Shamoozal Radio, can you believe that? Somehow for some reason we keep this train rolling, and we’ve been doing it for five years. I don’t know if that’s an accomplishment or not, but either way, we’ll find a reason to celebrate it this weekend. On top of that we’ll be doing our big annual Summer movie preview/blowout. To help us along since most of us regular podcasting crew members won’t get to see much this summer, we’ll have JohnnyManf of Moviewiseguys along to show us what we should be watching.

The fifth anniversary, the summer movie line up, the apocalypse, it’s a chemical combustion that could never ever be recreated. In fact, this episode might be so explosive that it’ll shake the very foundations of the earth hence starting the end of the world as we know it. The crew may not make it to the Promised Land, but the hell if we won’t be riding a bolt of lightening across the stratosphere while it’s going down.

Okay, it won’t be that exciting, but stay tuned anyway, okay?

Interview with yours truly on Capes & Scowls Podcast

Jacquo Scribbles

An old friend of mine from way back, Tim Erwin, started his own podcast recently called Capes & Scowls which is usually a comic centric podcast (along with other geeky topics). I had the pleasure of being asked to do an interview for the show which actually turned out to be way more than the normal interview I’ve done before. Tim dives into more than just the recent shorts, as we go into my college and art background, conversations about old Jacquo shorts from my high school days, the Zoinks, the name Shamoozal, some of our Nerdlog articles, and loads of other stuff. So if you enjoy listening to me ramble on and on and sometimes not make a good point, then you’ll love the latest episode of Capes & Scowls. It’s an hour and ten minutes of nothing but Shamoozal… and of course a touch of Lost, Nintendo, and Ghostbusters.

Listen to and download the podcast on the Capes & Scowls Sound Cloud page.

LIVE! Shamoozal Radio Podcast #35 (Dec 11th, 2010)

UPDATE: Going live any minute now!

What’s that? You miss hearing a room full of dudes just talking about stuff that only dudes can understand? Well, you’re in luck! Tonight at 8:30PM EST come on out and join us as we record our 35th podcast. You can even go into a chat room and say hi us, and potentially be on the show itself. It’s kind of magical when you think about it. I mean, where else can you go and hear some dudes just dude it up as they get progressively drunker and more drunker as the night goes on? No where! So that’s why you should come out and listen to tonight. Bring your friends. Bring your enemies. And if you miss it tonight don’t worry, because we’ll have it ready for your downloading pleasures before you know it. It’s going to be a heck of a time, dude.

Shamoozal Radio Podcast #34 – Fed Up With This World


After an whole summer hiatus Shamoozal Radio is back! The episode begins with a batch of Shocker News including the UN’s new Alien Ambassador, and a Father and Son’s awful scheme to make big bucks in prison. Joe brings us a new game called Baby Bites where we need to guess the words that Joe’s baby girl is saying. That brings us to Shamoozal news which offers a few hints into ROM Vol. 2 and leads us into a bit about Out Sourcing material. Finally we end with a batch of final thoughts ranging from inconsiderate people to SOS Wheeljack. All this and more in Shamoozal Radio Podcast #34! Be sure to drop in on the forums to discuss this episode!

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Show notes and times after the jump!
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Shamoozal Radio Podcast #33 – Now You’re Like Me

Should have had this up over the weekend but I was super busy! Anyway, our fourth Anniversary starts out with a bit of an SRP shake up. The Shamoozal News segment gets pushed behind our regular news updates, and the Whore Daddy/Clutch turns into an ending thoughts of sorts. We hit up topics like the Star Wars Kid turning into a lawyer, drunk birds, and kidnapped kids found through Facebook. Sithlord brings with him a new Trivia game based around Lost called “Now You’re Like Me.” Lost spoilers are a plenty, so listen if you dare. Finally some Shamoozal news where we talk a bit about the ROM shorts and Sith gives us some insight into the show he appeared on recently called Wa$ted.

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Show Breakdown

Introduction: 00:00 – 2:49
Shocker News: 2:50 – 23:00
Now You’re Like Me Lost Trivia – 23:01 – 48:45
Shamoozal News – 48:46 – 1:14:41
Ending Thoughts – 1:14:42 – 1:22:42