Shamoozal takes on a Classic in the first episode of our newest Podcast

Phil and I have been hinting around about a new game related podcast here at Shamoozal for a pretty long time. Doing the Born Again Casual podcast was always a lot of fun and I’ve regretted that we had to stop doing it. Our personal schedules over the past year and half have made it [...]

Wait, what? I run a website? Yeah, sorry that I haven’t really been around folks, and I can’t say I have a good reason either. It’s been way too long since I’ve written a Nerdlog post and it’s been even longer since I sat down to work on the short. I worked really hard on [...]

Need something entertaining to listen to during the start of the apocalypse this weekend? We will be recording our semi-bi-monthly podcast this Saturday at around 9:00PM EST, and of course we’ll be doing it live which you’ll be able to watch right here on What to expect from Saturday night’s main event? Well it’s [...]

An old friend of mine from way back, Tim Erwin, started his own podcast recently called Capes & Scowls which is usually a comic centric podcast (along with other geeky topics). I had the pleasure of being asked to do an interview for the show which actually turned out to be way more than the [...]

UPDATE: Going live any minute now! What’s that? You miss hearing a room full of dudes just talking about stuff that only dudes can understand? Well, you’re in luck! Tonight at 8:30PM EST come on out and join us as we record our 35th podcast. You can even go into a chat room and say [...]

After an whole summer hiatus Shamoozal Radio is back! The episode begins with a batch of Shocker News including the UN’s new Alien Ambassador, and a Father and Son’s awful scheme to make big bucks in prison. Joe brings us a new game called Baby Bites where we need to guess the words that Joe’s [...]

Should have had this up over the weekend but I was super busy! Anyway, our fourth Anniversary starts out with a bit of an SRP shake up. The Shamoozal News segment gets pushed behind our regular news updates, and the Whore Daddy/Clutch turns into an ending thoughts of sorts. We hit up topics like the [...]