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“This is the Part Where I Draw” Video Series

So check it, I made a “new” video series. Well, I sort of did anyway. See the post about the Ghosts N Goblins art below? I decided to take that idea a step further and add a bit more to it so I could make a video series out of doing drawings. I decided to (ridiculously) call it “This is the Part Where I Draw.” The title is so stupid I call it the wrong thing every single time during my own video. At least the title logo is correct!

Anyway, the idea here, as explained in the video, is that I’m still doing a “live” drawing and still throwing it up onto eBay afterward. However I sped up the footage, recorded some audio over top of it, and added a little intro footage so that I could make it a legit “series.” The idea is to hopefully do one of these every other week. I’m going to try and aim for the Thursday nights in between episodes of Elder-Geek Game Club. I’ll be drawing whatever I damn well feel like it, though I may even take requests! I decided to choose “Nintendo Power” this time as I’ve been kinda sad to see it go.

Also, I don’t think I ever posted this on the Nerdlog, but I did another Postmortem video too, this time on Pizza Links. I’m thinking the Postmortem videos might get a bit of an intro added to them for the next time too. Now that I realized I can make custom video title cards I also want to make one for these so I can remove my big dumb face from the thumbnails.

I’ve really been trying to beef up the Shamoozal YouTube channel, but in a way where the time I’m able to spend on the shorts isn’t compromised. There was certainly some setup time in getting this first episode of Where I Draw put together, but now that most of the kinks are worked out they shouldn’t be too rough to put together. Hope you like them.

ROM Contra Put On Hold, ROM Zelda Bumped

ROM Zelda Character Roughs - Link and Aquamentis

ROM Zelda Character Roughs - Link and Aquamentis

If you follow us on Facebook, a few days ago I casually mentioned that the next Read Only Memory short about Contra was being put on hold. In it’s place, I’ll be picking up production on a new Legend of Zelda related short.

I’m not sure what happened with the Contra project to be quite honest. I was really giving it my all a few months ago, and for whatever reason things fell apart and production has seemingly come to a halt. I’ve attempted several times to pick up where I left off, only becoming frustrated with it. I have one really nice shot that’s mostly done, but I think what happened was that I let that shot get the best of me. However, one nice shot can’t save what is arguably a disaster of a short at the moment. I just feel stuck with it, in very much the same way I was with Pizza Links. I’ve combed through my storyboard boards countless times, completely redoing them multiple times. I’ve tried to paint some important backgrounds only to come away from them not feeling happy about what I produced. I still don’t have an actual script hammered down. Essentially, it’s gotten to the point where I need to distance myself from it, but still need to move on creatively. I’ve spent MONTHS dwelling over it. Months dwelling over a 30 second short isn’t healthy, and it’s not getting me anywhere. I’ve fallen behind on ROM because of this, and now I fear Vol 2 may not even be finished by the years end. It’s a bummer. Like, an absolutely huge fucking bummer.

I still think there’s a good short inside the Contra episode. Like I said, Pizza Links had problems too and look how that turned out in the end (I mean, unless you hated it of course). I can get there with Contra, I just think that maybe I need to switch gears a bit. I need to do something that’s very much different from what I’ve created for ROM before.

So that’s where this new short, tentatively titled Link’s Confidence, comes into play. Early on I decided that I didn’t want to revisit games I already covered, but I had this idea for what could be a cool Zelda short that I needed to just abandon that rule. I feel pretty good about this idea, and it’s different enough from something like Pizza Links that it’s worth visiting this idea. What I can tell you is that it’s not going to be a comedic short, though that’s not to say it’s going to be completely dead serious. The goal here is to capture a great moment from Zelda that always stuck with me through the years. Being that I want ROM Vol 2 to really focus on that whole “Memory” aspect of this era of gaming, I’m thinking it’s safe to do something that doesn’t quite end with a gag. The short, I think, is going to be very much in line with something like Ninja. Hopefully exciting to watch, but with that bit of Shamoozal charm (at least, I think we have some charm).

Above are some of sketches and designs I’ve done thus far which you can click to get a better view of. Yeah, that’s how early into development this thing is that the only stuff that exists are sketches and ideas I jotted down in a notebook. As you can see, there are a lot of Link poses, and the dragon is the Aquamentis boss from the first Legend of Zelda. I think you can pretty much fill in the blanks from there, and if you can make sense of these sketches probably get an idea for the direction I’m headed with this.

So there it is. I’ll hopefully update this blog with progress as I move forward. I’m really excited about working on this and I’m hoping that excitement lasts and will carry through the duration of this project. Wish me luck!

Read Only Memory #04: Pizza Links

I’m a couple days later than I wanted to be, but the latest episode of Read Only Memory, Pizza Links, is here! So watch the above clip, then read the rest.

As many of you guys might know, this was actually the first episode of ROM I started working on before switching to Turnips In Love. I was tinkering around with this idea way back in February but didn’t really start to build all the assets until the middle of March. Once I had the big pieces in place I recorded my script and made the animatic for it. I absolutely hated it. I hated it so much I honestly didn’t think I could salvage it, and because I wanted to get something to Kevin over at GoNintendo, I came up with Turnips In Love. In Love was easy and cute enough that I felt it was a good replacement for what I was currently working on. Plus, it was perfect for nailing the “30” second run time I was aiming for.

While working on The Return of Captain N, I was trying to figure out exactly which idea I wanted to work on next. I decided that since I already put so much work into this short that maybe I should revisit it. I took a good look at everything I had script and audio wise and decided to throw away half of it. One of the problems with the original version is that it was much too long, going on for probably close to three minutes. You’re not missing anything as I managed to get to the point in a fraction of the time, though I didn’t quite hit my magical 30 second run time. Regardless, once I was able to really narrow down the key points, I felt much happier with what I was shooting for. It’s longer than your average ROM, but it is no where near the bloated beast it once was.

I had fun with this one because it gave me a chance to visit not just Link, but four different versions of Link. I tried to give each Link the same amount of attention, but obviously the star of the show is the Link from the old 80s animated series. Probably because he’s the most fun version of all Links. Sure, he’s corny and a total cheese ball, but that’s what I like about him so much. I tried to nail down the pure stupidity of Link from the CD-I games too. As for Wind Waker Link and Twilight Link, I needed to improvise with them a bit. I decided Wind Waker Link, being the smallest, should act the toughest out of the group. Twilight Link, well, I just wanted to turn him into a big baby. This video also gave me an excuse to put a Ninja Turtle in it, and you know, Ninja Turtles were rather key during the NES era, so he’s not out of place in the video game realm.

Despite already having a lot of work previously finished, this episode was much more involving than previous episodes of ROM. So much so that I needed to enlist the help of Frank to crank out a shot for me earlier this week (he did Twilight Link acting like a bitch, which I thought looked great). Having to deal with five characters was a lot of work, even if I did limit what they did in certain areas.

So anyway, I hope you enjoyed this episode. It’s sort of the last one for a little while. Next month I’ll be doing a compilation video of all the previous episodes but hopefully adding in some new stuff.