Because why not? I love Krang, and so should you. I don’t have much to say this week other than the fact that today I’m in a lot of pain for whatever reason. My back/leg is killing me. So I tried to think of something easier to draw, and out came Krang. Share

Well I never intended to drag out this series of write ups for three weeks, but that’s what ended up happening. It would come down to “Should I do this nerdlog post or work on the short?” and working on the short won almost every time. So anyway, we’re onto the final part of the [...]

So I sort of made a bit of a crucial error when I flipped Leonardo in last week’s assignment. Usually when you do an upside down drawing you rotate the picture so that when you’re finished and rotate it back to its right position it looks like it should. Well when I rotated Leo last [...]

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Turtles Forever

Being a long time fan of the Ninja Turtles, I was not only shocked to find out that I had no idea about a brand new feature length cartoon that was in the works, but was already being aired on TV the moment I learned about it. The premise of the new cartoon is to [...]

I guess my love for the Ninja Turtles will never truly fade. I’ve loved the Turtles since the second or third grade and while I didn’t really follow the comics, newer animated series, and the terrible live action series, I’ll always have a special spot for them. As a grown adult, I still enjoy my [...]

Lately I’ve been dying to get my hands on a Sega Genesis and a handful of games for it. Growing up as an SNES kid, I was willfully ignorant towards lots of the cool stuff that was on the Genesis and I guess I regret treating Sega’s black box that way. Thanks to my extremely [...]

Caught the last 45 minutes of this on cable last night. It’s literally been ages since I’ve seen this train wreck, and watching it again now proves that it’s even worse than I thought. The original film, while having its fair share of cheese, is still a worthwhile movie to check out. The creators of [...]

With the release of the new theatrical Ninja Turtle movie, simply titled TMNT, I feel it’s time to take a moment to share a little retrospective of my favorite green machines. When I hear the words “Ninja Turtles” I can’t help but think back to my youth, the days when Turtle Power meant something, and [...]