This month the legendary Nintendo Entertainment System turns 25 years old (along with Back to the Future!). Hard to believe I was only three years old when the NES secretly went to retail in New York and slowly became the console that changed the industry. My family didn’t get one until probably 1988 which is [...]

Strider for the NES is a bit of a strange one. Generally when people think of Strider they think of the Arcade original (and the Genesis port), but rarely do they recall the NES version. Whenever the NES version is brought up, it’s usually mistakenly labeled as a “port” of the Arcade game, when in [...]

The Wii Virtual Console has been dead lately, and well, Sunsoft has been pretty much dead forever. Seeing these two things revived thanks to this week’s release of Ufouria makes me pretty happy. Ufouria is a late gen NES title that was due for release in the states but never made it outside of Japan [...]

Holy crap. We are actually finished GFGames #5: How to Hook Up the NES. This was a rather massive under taking and I almost can’t believe it’s finally over. The Shamoozal staff worked their asses off on this one, and hopefully it shows. Joe literally worked day and night yesterday to get the audio finished [...]

Monster In My Pocket was a somewhat popular toy line that came around in 1990. The toy line was similar to the old M.U.S.C.L.E. line (that I used to LOVE) in that it was made up of a boat load of small, soft plastic figures. Instead of being wrestlers, Pocket was based after mythical creatures, [...]