My DVD/Blu-Ray Pick The Green Hornet – I never got around to seeing this movie and I heard mixed reactions. Maybe that’s why I never saw it, not enough positive feedback to persuade me. But it still seems like it could be fun. I’m a fan of Seth Rogen and director Michel Gondry has created [...]

My DVD/Blu-Ray Pick TRON: Legacy – I saw the original TRON for the first time within the last year and I was not impressed. I know it was some seriously amazing stuff for its time, but it definitely did not hold up well over the almost 30 years since the initial release. But fortunately for [...]

My DVD/Blu-Ray Pick Black Swan – this is actually a hot topic in Hollywood right now because there’s a dispute over how much of the ballet Natalie Portman actually did and how much was really a stunt double. But regardless, she won the Oscar for her acting, not her dancing. This movie is creeptacular. Filmed [...]

My DVD/Blu-Ray Pick RED – this is an action comedy that I actually had a few early screenings for but was unable to make it every time. It was getting some decent reviews that said the comedy and action mixed well together so I was kind of interested. Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and [...]

My DVD/Blu-Ray Pick Buried – this is one I was dying to see when it came out in theaters but it was only a limited release and wasn’t playing anywhere near me. So I look forward to finally being able to check it out now that its on DVD and Blu Ray. Its about Ryan [...]

My DVD/Blu-Ray Pick Knight & Day – there really wasn’t anything great to pick this week for DVD and Blu-Ray. I chose this one because it was a pleasant surprise when I saw it over the summer. I had no desire to see it at all but on a boring, rainy day down the shore [...]