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Music Monday – (hed) p.e. “Bartender”


Well I’m sure this one isn’t going to be a fan favorite. The rap-metal genre is not one that is often praised around these parts (or really anywhere) and you can blame that mainly on Limp Bizkit. Anyway, one of my favorite groups that meshed the two styles together nicely is (hed) p.e. They have raunchy lyrics, heavy music, a little DJ action and some good rhymes. I didn’t want to get too “screamy” for Music Monday so I used one of their more mainstream songs above. Unfortunately, later in their career they started getting too political and lost that fun theme that Bartender contained. Their first two albums I still really enjoy. But they went downhill after that and now associate themselves with the Juggalos in Insane Clown Posse. Below I added one of their raunchier songs. Very explicit lyrics.

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Music Monday – Guano Apes “Open Your Eyes”


I started really getting into music around 1996-1997. In 8th grade, I started liking popular alternative rock music like Bush, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 311 and stuff like that. In 9th grade, I started leaning towards heavier music like White Zombie, Pantera, Black Sabbath and my musical taste was officially defined. But in between those 2 stages I was all about trying out new bands, local or foreign or whatever. You may not have ever heard of Guano Apes but they did a theme song for a WWF pay per view back in the late 90s, which made me go out and buy their album… in cassette form because CD wasn’t available. They’re a German band who never really made it big in the States. Anyway, I heard they got back together and released some new music for the first time in about 10 years. I didn’t follow them after that first album I bought since I swayed away from most alt-rock music. But I included the song that got me into them above from the wrestling PPV (which still gets stuck in my head to this day) and their latest single from this year below. Enjoy some Guano Apes!

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Music Monday – Clutch “The Mob Goes Wild”


I picked Clutch this week for more than one reason. The first reason is because I really enjoy the band. They don’t take themselves seriously, usually have ridiculous lyrics and act like goofballs on stage. But they have a hard rocking bluesy sound that is enjoyable without thinking about the silliness. The second reason is because the video I picked above is directed by Bam Margera and starring the late Ryan Dunn, who passed away last week. Circumstances of his death aside, everyone can have their opinion, I though Dunn was a funny dude and was sad to see him go. So let this be a mini-tribute to him while also sharing the talents of Clutch. After the jump, as usual, I attached another song that I snap my fingers and nod my head to. MUSIC MONDAY COMIN’ ATCHA!

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Music Monday – Murder by Death “As Long As There Is Whiskey In The World”


Even though I’m generally a heavy metal and hard rock fan, I do find some other bands here and there that spark my interest. Since Steve is focusing on another Shamoozal project, I told him I would take over Music Monday for a while. And I’m trying not to focus on what seems like a minority interest on the Smorgas Board, that “screaming shit” that I love so much. Anyway, you may have seen me post some material from these guys in the What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW thread on the Smorg. Murder by Death is an Indiana rock band with a unique sound. Maybe a little alt-country sounding. They even have a cello player as one of their musicians. The song I posted above is a good drinking song, almost like an Irish jam. The singer Adam Turla has a really unique voice. They generally have themes to their albums and sing a lot about the Devil, whiskey, zombies and what have you. As an extra, below I posted the song that got me interested in them, its from the Inglourious Basterds soundtrack.

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Music Monday – The Damned Things “We’ve Got A Situation Here”


Steve, I apologize for taking your baby but you haven’t done one in a couple months and I was missing it. I was getting sick of just seeing my movie updates dominate the main page of the Shamoozal. Anyway, The Damned Things are somewhat of a supergroup. Keith Buckley (vocals) and Josh Newton (bass) are from heavy metal band Every Time I Die. Joe Trohman (guitar) and Andy Hurley (drums) are from rock band Fall Out Boy. Scott Ian (guitar) and Rob Caggiano (guitar) are from the old school heavy metal band Anthrax. Six dudes, three of them playing guitar. That is a whole lot of sound. While I wasn’t crazy about their album, I do like a few songs by these guys. The one I posted above had an official video that was about them becoming rocking superhero crime fighters and I thought it was a pretty original idea. But I’ll also add one more that I like after the jump. Enjoy! And Steve feel free to take this weekly update back next week if you feel up to it.

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Music Monday – “Grim Grinning Ghosts”

Haunted Mansion Album

I’m out on vacation this week in sunny Florida, so this Music Monday is coming a little early. Here’s the music from my favorite ride in Disney World. I have the full soundtrack somewhere in my house that has a lot of neat out-takes with Thurl Ravenscroft and Paul Frees. Fun fact about this song is that to get the creepy disorientated sound, the musicians played portions of the music backwards. Then they took the backwards recordings and reversed them and sync’d it to the other tracks. Pretty wild in the days before computer multi-tracking! See you next week!