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‘Link’s Triumph’ has arrived!

Does anyone even read this anymore? I can’t believe I haven’t updated it since Candy Corns 2. I’ve actually had a couple of Where I Draw and Postmortem videos in between Candy Corns 2 and now. Sorry. I guess I’ve kind of let the Dot Com part of Shamoozal dry up a bit. I suppose people can’t even answer my question of whether or not they read this anymore since comments have been closed. Too many stinking spam bots just junking everything up and I don’t have time to moderate that sort of stuff like I used to.

So yeah, Link’s Triumph. Working my ass off to get this thing complete before the end of the year and I succeeded. I am glad it’s over because this short has done a number on my mentally and physically. Totally taking a few weeks break away from doing any animation and it’s time to get back into a regular exercise routine. I’m not kidding when I say I feel completely exhausted. Between this and the Holidays it has been insane to say the least.

Oh, so I guess I should talk about the cartoon huh? So this short is about the moment in The Legend of Zelda where Link fights the first boss in the first dungeon of the game. The goal was to show how an inexperienced and ill equipped Link would go about fumbling through this situation, and perhaps gaining a bit of confidence along the way. I got Joe on board for the first time in a ROM episode and I think it really shows through. The audio on this cartoon is great, and it doesn’t look too shabby either. I really tried to up my game a bit here and pull out all the stops. I even used After Effects on certain scenes.

I have high hopes for this short and I’ll admittedly be kind of upset if it tanks like the previous two shorts have (not that I expected much from Candy Corns 2). Now it’s time to start putting together the compilation short, ROM Vol 2. After that, who knows what the future holds. I have a few ideas I’m kicking around.

Also, I’ll be at MAGFest next week. I’ll be hanging out at the Elder-Geek table for a good portion of Saturday the 5th. I’ll be there on Friday as well, but I’ll be in full “business” mode on Saturday. I’ll be doing some sketches and what not, so if you happen to be going to MAGFest, please stop by and say hello. I’ll post more about MAGFest next week.

Anyway, hope you guys like the short. I really tried my best here.

Heading to MAGFest tomorrow!

Despite the fact that I feel kind of like dog shit, I totally intend on heading out to MAGFest tomorrow morning.

If you don’t know, MAGFest is the annual Music & Games Festival that takes place around this time of year. If you recall, I actually attended one with a table two years ago. I missed last year because things were extremely busy with the twins still.

My original plan was to get a table this year, but I waited to long (I had to make sure I had the funds in place) to book a table and that fell through. It’s probably for the better though as I actually thought I’d have some product to promote, but alas, I don’t. So instead I’ll be headed there tomorrow as a regular joe, exploring the floor and hopefully meeting some cool people along the way. I have a room booked for the night and I’m going to head home early Saturday morning.

Anyway, be sure to say “Hi!” if you’re headed there and just so happen to recognize me, which I doubt you would.

I really hope Metroid Metal is playing tomorrow night as those guys are awesome and I’d love to see them live. I’d also like to get lots of Street Pass hits on my 3DS (and maybe you’ll get a fun SwapNote from me!) and plan on playing some classic arcade games. Knowing me, I’ll probably walk out with a NES game or two as well. I’d also like to go to EgoRaptor’s panel, which is at 12 midnight tomorrow. That might be tough. I’ll either be asleep like my old man self, or be drunk somewhere, or drunk asleep somewhere. Can’t drink too much actually, got an early ride the next morning and I’m worthless when I’m hung over.

Well, hope to see someone there.

Shamoozal on Elder-Speek Podcast

During MAGFest I had the opportunity to meet Randy Yasenchak, the owner of elder-geek.com, and was invited to record a podcast for his site. Last night I met with the group over Skype and took part in the latest “issue” of their podcast series Elder-Speek. So hop on over and listen to yours truly blab about the latest game news, MAGFest, and of course a large helping of Shamoozal talk in general. I had a lot of fun doing this and would just like to thank the gang at Elder-Geek for inviting me on in the first place.

So head on over, what are you waiting for?

Back from MAGFest and Ready for 2010

Last night my wife and I returned home from our first time at MAGFest, a rather large gaming festival in Alexandria, PA. It was quite an interesting time, got to meet some nice new people, played some games, listened to some live bands, and most importantly, plugged the Shamoozal. I would get into more detail about the whole show now, but I’ll be diving into it a bit in two different podcasts. Oh me oh my!

For those that were interested in our promotional materials that we were handing out at the show but couldn’t make it, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll try to hook you up with some of the stuff. I have a decent amount of Jacquo and Shamoozal logo pins, Grey stickers and postcards left over, so get ‘em while they’re hot.

With the con now over with, and my little vacation away from GFGames, it is now officially time to get back into the swing of things here at the site. Ideas for the new GFGames are well underway. I’m still also preparing an idea for a new series with a website we’re pretty friendly with, and I have loads of other ideas swirling around in my head. Now all I need to do is just, well, make them happen. I’m feeling rather motivated, so I suspect you’ll see some hopefully cool stuff in the near future.

That said, I really need to back off from playing some games. My holiday vacation saw me playing probably way too many games and not doing anything terribly creative with my time. I could also afford to start getting into a new exercise routines, because the holidays haven’t been kind to my weight. All the hard work I did over the summer has been completely lost thanks to things like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Yikes.

So, get into shape, play less games and do more work. That’s what I have to do.

Off to MAGFest!


So while MAGFest actually officially started on Thursday night, I’m on my way down there this morning. The official Shamoozal table will be in full effect, and I’m sure we’ll be easy to find since we’ll likely be the most yellow looking thing in the lot. So if you’re near the area (Alexandria, VA) stop on by and say “hi!” I’ll even hand you some free stickers, buttons and stuff.

Shamoozal @ MAGFest ’10


For anyone that listens to Shamoozal Radio Podcast, you’ll know that I plan on attending MAGFest this year next year. For those that don’t know, here’s a little bit of what’s going on.

MAGFest is the Music and Games Festival that has been held since 2002 in Virginia. I have never personally attended one of these before, but apparently it’s a great place to catch some cool geek groups live (like Metroid Metal), meet composers like Jake “Virt” Kaufam, play plenty of free arcade games, buy all sorts of cool gaming merch from vendors, and bump into the people that run websites like ScrewAttack, among other stuff. According to legend, apparently the party never stops either, as the event is held in the hotel where everyone stays, so people just keep on going all through the night.

I’ll have a table in the vendor area pimping Shamoozal.com, though GFGames in particular. It’ll be just me and my lovely wife Demi and we’ll be handing out some cool promo stuff and we welcome anyone to stop by and say “hi”. It all goes down starting January 1st of 2010 through the 4th, but I won’t be arriving until January 2nd and I’ll be departing early on the 4th. In other words I’ll be there all Saturday and Sunday. Fore more information check out MAGFest.org. Hope to see some of you there!