Does anyone even read this anymore? I can’t believe I haven’t updated it since Candy Corns 2. I’ve actually had a couple of Where I Draw and Postmortem videos in between Candy Corns 2 and now. Sorry. I guess I’ve kind of let the Dot Com part of Shamoozal dry up a bit. I suppose [...]

Despite the fact that I feel kind of like dog shit, I totally intend on heading out to MAGFest tomorrow morning. If you don’t know, MAGFest is the annual Music & Games Festival that takes place around this time of year. If you recall, I actually attended one with a table two years ago. I [...]

During MAGFest I had the opportunity to meet Randy Yasenchak, the owner of, and was invited to record a podcast for his site. Last night I met with the group over Skype and took part in the latest “issue” of their podcast series Elder-Speek. So hop on over and listen to yours truly blab [...]

Last night my wife and I returned home from our first time at MAGFest, a rather large gaming festival in Alexandria, PA. It was quite an interesting time, got to meet some nice new people, played some games, listened to some live bands, and most importantly, plugged the Shamoozal. I would get into more detail [...]

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Off to MAGFest!

So while MAGFest actually officially started on Thursday night, I’m on my way down there this morning. The official Shamoozal table will be in full effect, and I’m sure we’ll be easy to find since we’ll likely be the most yellow looking thing in the lot. So if you’re near the area (Alexandria, VA) stop [...]

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Shamoozal @ MAGFest ’10

For anyone that listens to Shamoozal Radio Podcast, you’ll know that I plan on attending MAGFest this year next year. For those that don’t know, here’s a little bit of what’s going on. MAGFest is the Music and Games Festival that has been held since 2002 in Virginia. I have never personally attended one of [...]