Netflix Instant Streaming is awesome, you should be using it. Chances are you have some device in your house capable of playing back their content hooked up to a large screen. Ever since they unveiled their ‘Streaming Only’ plan I’ve ditched the discs altogether. My wife and I love getting hooked on a good sci-fi [...]

This short was a lot of fun to do, and one of those cases where it totally took a different turn in direction than originally planned. I have been wanting to make a short featuring Captain N for a really long time, but just never really got around to it. When I planned out a [...]

Our first podcast of 2010! We start out with a bit of talk about what we plan on doing for the entire year, and then move right into our 24 themed trivia in which the punishment is for us to put our fingers into a bug zapper. It was pretty brutal, thankfully yours truly only [...]