Discover what I rediscovered. The first drawings of Jacquo, old game mags, lots of my old drawings and more!

An old friend of mine from way back, Tim Erwin, started his own podcast recently called Capes & Scowls which is usually a comic centric podcast (along with other geeky topics). I had the pleasure of being asked to do an interview for the show which actually turned out to be way more than the [...]

Decided maybe I should get this episode up early this month instead of waiting until the day before Christmas. We have some company over so it gave me enough time to run into the Shamoozal Dungeon and render out a new version of this short for YouTube. Jacquo’s Carol was the first thing on Shamoozal [...]

Slowly getting that old content back onto the site. Just in time for Black Friday, I once again present Black Friday Blues. Like most of our older stuff, I’m not exactly pleased with how this short has aged. I still think it has some decent enough gags (more so than Candy Corns at least) but [...]

Been wanting to get this short up into the new episodes page for quite a while but finally had the chance to do it today. At least I managed to do it right before Halloween officially ended! Anyway, I feel like I’ve talked about Candy Corns at length by this point. For this release I [...]

Well I have no idea how I’m possibly going to get ROM#6 (tentatively titled Howard & Nester & Metroid) finished by the 25th. The 25th of the month is always the “due” date I give myself for the ROM shorts. I’m usually a day or two early or late, but it’s generally around the 25th [...]

Considering our core focus of this website are the videos we produce, our video section sure is a hassle to get through. I decided that I’m going to just abandon the idea of hosting our videos in their raw swf format and just upload all of our stuff to Youtube and host it there. YouTube’s [...]

Last week I uploaded nearly the entire GFGames series on ScrewAttack (having problems rendered a new video of Tactical Espionage) and we’ve had a really good response so far. On the above video, la Tragedie is the first highlight on the g1 Spotlight. It’s good to see la Tragedie get a little respect as it’s [...]