My DVD/Blu-Ray Pick 24 Season 8 – One of my favorite shows of the last decade was 24. It kind of fizzled out within the last couple years but its still a really enjoyable show. Season 8 marks the final season of the series where we see what happens with Kiefer Sutherland‘s Jack Bauer. Maybe [...]

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My good friend, Jack Bauer

This weekend saw the return of an old friend of mine: Jack Bauer. Last year, “24” was a victim of the writer’s strike and it did not return to TV for its seventh season until now. I think many, myself included, probably welcomed a break from “24” as its sixth season was some what of [...]

Tony is back on 24, and the producers of the show aren’t keeping it a secret. This is their big draw to the latest day in Jack Bauer’s life, and without a doubt their attempt to try and win back some of the audience that they lost last year thanks to the success of Heroes [...]

I was over at the local mall today buying myself a new pair of glasses. I decided to take a trip to Samgoody, aka the most over priced store on the planet, and see if they had anything cool. Samgoody is an awful store by the way. I was trying to browse through their Playstation [...]

We Jack Bauer fans have a lot of waiting to do over the next few months. Okay, so this past season of 24 certainly wasn’t the finest in the series, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss spending Monday nights with my favorite CTU agents. That said there is a whole world of 24 out [...]