ROM returns with Nintendo Power legends!

Haven’t spoken about Howard & Nester & Metroid in a while so I figured I’d throw a few blurbs out there. It’s actually kind of hard to think of something new to write about! I feel like I’ve written about this short so damn much that I’m out of things to say! So, I might [...]

Time distortion. Space is the place. Going down that lonesome highway… but the beat goes on. At least, that’s how I feel right now. I’ve mentioned before how I’ve scraped what I did so far with Howard & Nester & Metroid, and tonight I “finished” my first redone shot. I use finish in quotes because [...]

Well I’ve officially started working on ROM Vol 2 again and hopefully I’ll be able to keep a steady pace now. I’ve spent the last week or so trying to condition myself into staying up later than normal which so far hasn’t killed me, so that’s good. I say I’m working on “Vol 2″ because [...]

Well this is something I didn’t want to have to write about. After much consideration I’ve decided that I can’t move ahead with ROM episodes for the remainder of the year. I have been working on the next episode, Howard & Nester & Metroid, since late August and since then I’ve barely moved along on [...]

Considering ROM#6 should ideally be released within the next few days (it’s a long ways off, trust me) I thought it would be nice to instead share a bit of behind the scenes stuff on the short in the meantime. Above you’ll see the first nearly finished “panel” for our next short titled Howard & [...]