ROM returns with Nintendo Power legends!

I have been talking about ROM Vol 1 for months, but it’s one thing to talk about it and another thing to actually see it through and see what happens. So since launching the short, things have gone rather well. I can now sigh a huge sigh of relief. *SIIIIIGH* Since going live Monday night, [...]

All four ROM shorts in one neat package.

I’m a couple days later than I wanted to be, but the latest episode of Read Only Memory, Pizza Links, is here! So watch the above clip, then read the rest. As many of you guys might know, this was actually the first episode of ROM I started working on before switching to Turnips In [...]

For a while now I’ve been teasing the fact that I’ve been talking with another website about doing a different kind of animated series. Today I can finally say that we’ll be working with to produce a new series of “micro-shorts” (a term I just coined) called “Read Only Memory.” The first of these [...]