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Read Only Memory: Howard & Nester & Metroid!


After a few months off and a complete overhaul of what I already had completed, the latest episode of Read Only Memory is complete. Thank heavens! Watch the video and then feel free to read below.

I’ve already said so much about this short by this point that I almost don’t even know what to write!

When I conceived this short, the idea was always that the ending we have now, in which Samus turns out to be the fabled “Metroid” was always the end game. As work moved along on the short and I redid the script for it, I thought maybe I shouldn’t do that ending and started to shy away from it. Would people actually find that funny? I mean, it made me laugh when I thought about it, but I didn’t know how people would react. As a result, I decided to have Samus stay as Samus and then wrote some speaking lines for her as she was originally not supposed to say anything. That’s when I got Rinry involved, and after hearing Rinry’s work, I returned to that idea of making her into Metroid. Hearing that voice come out of a buff cyborg seemed even funnier to me, so I sent her a request to give me a Kirby style “Hiiiii!” It killed me when I matched it up to what I had. I feel bad that I sort of left Rinry in the dark as far as her playing the part of a male cyborg, but I’m hoping she’ll get a kick out of it.

The idea of doing this ending was the result of not only a common Metroid misconception, but also something I dealt with in real life on several occasions. I can vividly remember drawing pictures of Samus in High School and people asking “Who’s that, Metroid?” To save face, I would just go along with the person and simply agree with it, shaking my head. With this short, I finally wanted to visit the idea of this fabled “Metroid” character.

I’m glad I stuck with this ending too, because the alternate ending was Howard simply informing Nester of Samus taking her clothes off and Nester replying with “Oh, my ankle is suddenly starting to feel better!” That felt cheap to me, I didn’t want to end with the two of them just being pervs, I needed to have something for the audience to react to, for better or worse. Considering people were very receptive to something like Pizza Links, I’m hopeful they’ll like this too, but you never know.

Aside from the ending, I managed to work in a bunch of Ace Attorney nods throughout the short. As I’m playing lots of Miles Edgeworth lately, I worked in some classic Ace Attorney poses, but as I moved along with the project I decided to really give it more of the flavor of those games. I figured there are some similarities in the static presentation of both the game and the short, and Howard’s classic purple suit just has way too much in common with Edgeworth’s suit to ignore it. It’s a strange mash up, Howard & Nester, Metroid, and Ace Attorney, but I think it gels together well.

So there you have it, the finished the short. I hope you enjoyed it for what it is, which is simply a take on the old Nintendo Power comics with a touch of Shamoozal style humor and storytelling. Now, let’s move onto the next short!

I love it when a plan comes together

I have been talking about ROM Vol 1 for months, but it’s one thing to talk about it and another thing to actually see it through and see what happens. So since launching the short, things have gone rather well. I can now sigh a huge sigh of relief. *SIIIIIGH*

Since going live Monday night, Vol 1 has been uploaded to several sites and has earned some decent recognition. Over on Newgrounds we were awarding a Daily First (the third time we ever got it. Would you believe that ‘How to Hook Up The NES’ didn’t get the daily first? I thought we had that nailed to be honest). On top of that, they were cool enough to feature us on their front page. We’ve had our content featured there often and it always feels pretty darn good. Over on NG, I consider being in limbo once uploading something to the portal. You either come to life on the front page, or you go to the depths of hell and your short forever becomes buried. I’ve seen both sides happen, so I know how it goes. Other than that, it’s our highest scored short under ‘How to’ and has gathered over 20k views in two days alone. Not too shabby.

Also, on Gametrailers it went on to become a Featured User Video, so that was cool too. Unfortunately, thanks to an absolutely crummy thumbnail that I can’t change, not many people are clicking on it. It hasn’t even hit 800 views, but it’s scoring well and supposedly ranked highly. It’s a slight bummer more people aren’t clicking it, but it still feels nice to see the staff over there took some time to recognize it and feature it.

Thanks in large part to GoNintendo, our other half in these shorts, we continue to find a larger audience through out YouTube channel. There is an increase in viewing amongst all of our work, so it’s good to see our legacy shorts still holding their own.

The even better news is that other outlets are seeing this and enjoying it. I’ve gotten some encouraging messages where even if things don’t work out, at least I know people are watching.

So now where do we go from here? Well, we make more I guess! I’m on board to do another set of ROM shorts with hopefully another volume coming in January. Deadlines will be tough to meet with the kids in my life now, but it just means I’m going to have to make better use of my free time. Less video games, more work. What I believe is the next episode is already started, so hopefully we can have that ready to roll end of September.

“But I don’t like ROM. I miss the old days.” That’s cool, I miss the old days too. I’m going to make it up to you. I hope. Tomorrow I’m finally going to sit down and write out a script for a cool short I want to have done in time for Halloween. After that, I’m going to actually bust out a sketch book for the first time in ages and start creating some concrete concepts of how to do things for this short. I have a lot of different ideas of how to present the art, so I want to nail that down sooner rather than later. I think it’ll be good for me to get away from working digital for a little bit.

I’ve had this short playing over and over in my head for months now. I have random notes on scattered pieces of paper I’ve gathered together today to start making some more sense out of. I can only hope it turns out well. And yes, it will involve Frankensteiner. We can just consider this the Frankensteiner Project. However, it’s not something I wish to crap out in a day just to get some cheap laughs. I want this one to count.

So I’m hoping that 2010 ends with a bang for Shamoozal. We’ve had more lows than highs around here. We’ve been doing this for five years now, it’s about time we find our wings.

Read Only Memory: Volume 1


Welp, finally made it to the moment where Volume 1 of Read Only Memory is complete. It’s hard to believe I’ve been working on ROM for half a year now!

So, Volume 1 is pretty self explanatory, but I’ll get into it one more time. Each month we’ve produced a Nintendo related short for GoNintendo.com, and this month we’re bundling them all together to create “Volume 1″ of the series. Included in this set is Turnips In Love, Simon’s Supper, The Return of Captain N, and Pizza Links.

Oh, you’ve watched the four ROM episodes already? It’s okay, watch them again, and see how I “seamlessly” blended them together! But really, if you’re a long time fan of our work, please let me know if you like this format!

With this release I hope to spread ROM to a larger audience. I’m curious to see how this package works out in the end. Thanks dudes.

Read Only Memory #04: Pizza Links

I’m a couple days later than I wanted to be, but the latest episode of Read Only Memory, Pizza Links, is here! So watch the above clip, then read the rest.

As many of you guys might know, this was actually the first episode of ROM I started working on before switching to Turnips In Love. I was tinkering around with this idea way back in February but didn’t really start to build all the assets until the middle of March. Once I had the big pieces in place I recorded my script and made the animatic for it. I absolutely hated it. I hated it so much I honestly didn’t think I could salvage it, and because I wanted to get something to Kevin over at GoNintendo, I came up with Turnips In Love. In Love was easy and cute enough that I felt it was a good replacement for what I was currently working on. Plus, it was perfect for nailing the “30” second run time I was aiming for.

While working on The Return of Captain N, I was trying to figure out exactly which idea I wanted to work on next. I decided that since I already put so much work into this short that maybe I should revisit it. I took a good look at everything I had script and audio wise and decided to throw away half of it. One of the problems with the original version is that it was much too long, going on for probably close to three minutes. You’re not missing anything as I managed to get to the point in a fraction of the time, though I didn’t quite hit my magical 30 second run time. Regardless, once I was able to really narrow down the key points, I felt much happier with what I was shooting for. It’s longer than your average ROM, but it is no where near the bloated beast it once was.

I had fun with this one because it gave me a chance to visit not just Link, but four different versions of Link. I tried to give each Link the same amount of attention, but obviously the star of the show is the Link from the old 80s animated series. Probably because he’s the most fun version of all Links. Sure, he’s corny and a total cheese ball, but that’s what I like about him so much. I tried to nail down the pure stupidity of Link from the CD-I games too. As for Wind Waker Link and Twilight Link, I needed to improvise with them a bit. I decided Wind Waker Link, being the smallest, should act the toughest out of the group. Twilight Link, well, I just wanted to turn him into a big baby. This video also gave me an excuse to put a Ninja Turtle in it, and you know, Ninja Turtles were rather key during the NES era, so he’s not out of place in the video game realm.

Despite already having a lot of work previously finished, this episode was much more involving than previous episodes of ROM. So much so that I needed to enlist the help of Frank to crank out a shot for me earlier this week (he did Twilight Link acting like a bitch, which I thought looked great). Having to deal with five characters was a lot of work, even if I did limit what they did in certain areas.

So anyway, I hope you enjoyed this episode. It’s sort of the last one for a little while. Next month I’ll be doing a compilation video of all the previous episodes but hopefully adding in some new stuff.

GoNintendo.com and Shamoozal.com Present “Read Only Memory.”

For a while now I’ve been teasing the fact that I’ve been talking with another website about doing a different kind of animated series. Today I can finally say that we’ll be working with GoNintendo.com to produce a new series of “micro-shorts” (a term I just coined) called “Read Only Memory.” The first of these episodes is titled “Turnips In Love” which you can watch above.

I’ve been a really big fan of GoNintendo and the work Kevin Cassidy does over there, and we got to talking a few months back about developing a little something for his site. My goal was to create a series of quick and to the point shorts for his site, and “Read Only Memory” is the result. These shorts are going to average at about 30 seconds in length and deal with Nintendo games and culture. They’ll also be coming out monthly for the next couple of months. So I hope you enjoyed this little quickie of a short, there’s more to come. Let us know what you think!