Remember Grey from the old Shamoozal shorts? Yeah, I kind of forgot about him myself despite the fact he’s never left the top of the page. It’s hard to believe that Grey hasn’t been in a short since 2008′s la tragedie. Ouch. There was a point in time where I was drawing Grey on a [...]

Just wanted to let you know that clicking on the Episodes tab will magically transport you to our new (and currently updating) episodes page. So this is like what, the 40th time I’ve redone the episodes page? It was a hard decision to make, but I’ve decided I want to stop hosting the shorts as [...]

Last week I uploaded nearly the entire GFGames series on ScrewAttack (having problems rendered a new video of Tactical Espionage) and we’ve had a really good response so far. On the above video, la Tragedie is the first highlight on the g1 Spotlight. It’s good to see la Tragedie get a little respect as it’s [...]

Holy crap. We are actually finished GFGames #5: How to Hook Up the NES. This was a rather massive under taking and I almost can’t believe it’s finally over. The Shamoozal staff worked their asses off on this one, and hopefully it shows. Joe literally worked day and night yesterday to get the audio finished [...]

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GFG#5 Update

Hey now. So as you all know, animation on the short is all done. Currently, it’s in the highly capable hands of sound engineer , Joe. As some of you may or may not know, Joe has been getting his recording studio off the ground in the past year-year and a half. Besides from hosting [...]