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Read Only Memory: Simon’s Supper

So the idea for Simon’s Supper obviously stems from the fact that in Castlevania games the protagonists usually find food stashed away in walls. Old monster walls. In a castle that’s been around for centuries. Thought I’d have a little fun with that idea and play with it some. For Simon, I really like the “barbarian” style old school Castlevania characters and decided that was the best route to take for him. I like to think of Simon as something of a brute and I had some fun making him that way. In fact, the way he acts almost reminds me of our very own Frankensteiner. Also, my love affair for Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has shown through in this one. I hope you enjoyed the second episode of Read Only Memory. Oh and don’t forget you can watch it in HD. See you in a month!

Read Only Memory #02 on the way!

Uhhh, what a weekend. Nothing better than sitting in a computer chair almost the entire time, only having to go to bed tonight and wake up first thing in the morning to do it all over again, but that time to make a living. I’ll be in pain for sure this week.

I promised I would have these Read Only Memory shorts done monthly, and while the wife and I are busy getting the house together for the kids, I’m trying my hardest to stay true to the promise. As a result of all that, I had to take a whole weekend to get up to speed on this short. I had to make a few compromises to the short, but the general idea is still there. The next short has to do with Castlevania, and it’s a little more involved than two Turnips making googly eyes at each other. I did some storyboards earlier in the week, but I wasn’t happy with the direction I took with it, so yesterday morning I scrapped those and essentially started over again. I spent a few hours building a Simon model to use, and then recorded audio, timed out the short, and began to animate. I crunched a lot of work in yesterday. I spent most of today animating and a good part of the night doing a key background for the scene. I’m not much of painter, so I’m not super happy with it, but it’ll do. To save a bit of time, I axed a line of dialogue from Simon that I didn’t really think helped. It wasn’t part of the original script, but I thought it would help some of the context. After looking at how much work I had left, I decided to just ditch it. It wasn’t there to begin with, so whatever, you know?

Like Turnips, it’s a quick snap, snap and it’s over. I’m thinking maybe fans of Frankensteiner might enjoy this one. Not because it’s really like an episode of that, there will be no eating people, and shitting them out, but I sorta channeled the character for Simon. I mean, just look at that face!

New Looney Tunes and CartoonBrew Apparently Don’t Mix

Once again, Amid Amidi over at CartoonBrew is once again crapping all over the artists is supposedly supports. Warner Bros announced today that they are releasing a new animated series starring the classic Loony Tunes characters, and of course this is just a sacrilege in his eyes. He goes on the trash the professionalism of the artists who produced it as well as calling it “fan-art”. The bottom line is, the Looney Tunes characters have gone through multiple design revisions over their long life time, and they are once again getting a new treatment. Personally, I think that Bug’s head is a bit too large for my taste, but other than that I feel the art that is being so harshly judged here is not as bad as Amid is making it out to be.

My problem with this is that Amid claims to be “leading the animation conversation”, but what in truth he is really doing is standing on his soap box while throwing the artists he supposedly is on the side of under the bus to get ad clicks on his site. Amid has come a long way since he used to do “Animation Blast” back in the 90’s as he no longer gives personal opinions without going for a snarky cheap shot and reducing his thoughts to that of an angry twelve year old. I feel that Amid has never been able to do animation himself, so he now writes about it as a “critic”, and takes every opportunity to put his cronies from Spumco up on a pedestal whenever possible.

Will this new Looney Tunes series be any good? That has yet to be seen as the only thing we’ve seen as of this writing is a single still image. It appears that our classic characters are now living in suburbia and are neighbors of sorts. Will this work? Who knows. I know that its got to be better than “Loonatics Unleashed”.

GoNintendo.com and Shamoozal.com Present “Read Only Memory.”

For a while now I’ve been teasing the fact that I’ve been talking with another website about doing a different kind of animated series. Today I can finally say that we’ll be working with GoNintendo.com to produce a new series of “micro-shorts” (a term I just coined) called “Read Only Memory.” The first of these episodes is titled “Turnips In Love” which you can watch above.

I’ve been a really big fan of GoNintendo and the work Kevin Cassidy does over there, and we got to talking a few months back about developing a little something for his site. My goal was to create a series of quick and to the point shorts for his site, and “Read Only Memory” is the result. These shorts are going to average at about 30 seconds in length and deal with Nintendo games and culture. They’ll also be coming out monthly for the next couple of months. So I hope you enjoyed this little quickie of a short, there’s more to come. Let us know what you think!

Interview with ‘Color The Grayscale Radio’

Over the weekend I was interviewed by Karen Demsko of Color the Grayscale and the podcast went live earlier today.

Head on over to here if you’re interested in a somewhat more personal interview than normal. I go into a history of Jacquo the Rabbit, talk a bit about more life outside of Shamoozal including what I do for a living and some of my more terrible experiences, and of course talk a little about games and art as a whole. Plus I also spend half the time stumbling over words, so there is that too. Enjoy!

NES Holiday Marathon ’09 Promo Video


It’s that time of the year again! I’ve spent the better part of this weekend (mainly today) putting together a new promotional video for Saturday’s upcoming NES Marathon. The video we put together last year was a huge success for us, and to be honest, if I didn’t make that thing and Gametrailers didn’t push it for us, we probably would have had the worst turn out ever. That said, I realized the importance of doing the whole promo video thing. I’ll be spending some time this week uploading this video to different places (probably later in the week when it’s closer to Saturday) in order to help us drum up a bit of support.

Not sure how happy I am with the finished product here, but it was an interesting project. It’s essentially a sprite movie, and I’ve actually never made one of those before. The process of gathering all the sprite rips from games and shoving them into Flash was somewhat painless but a lot of work. Still, I guess I can see the appeal of working on sprite movies because once you have the character moving around, it’s pretty easy to get your point across and come up with scenarios. The scene I animated here would have been a nightmare to animate had I did traditional frame by frame animation, but I was able to crank out the bulk of the work in a few short hours. Again, I can see where the appeal in making these types of movies lies now… though I still don’t particularly dig sprite movies, which is why I guess I’m on the fence about the one I just created.

Anyway, check it out, share some thoughts on the smorg. I might be doing a few changes to it, so if there is anything glaring that you think needs adjusting, let me know.

Anyway, expect all sorts of new details about the marathon in the next day or two. Hope to see some of you guys there!

Frankensteiner: Glutes and Chutes is DONE!


Okay, sorry that the whole streaming event was a bust. UStream was being a pain and my machine wasn’t running well at all while I was doing the video capture, so I was forced to cut it if I were to get this done.

This project was a little harder than I originally thought. The Frankensteiner shorts are not supposed to be well put together in the least. As you might know, with the original it was just a joke and a jab at poor Flash animation tucked away inside Crapfest Force. With the second episode, Muscle Quest, I just wanted an excuse to use Mario Paint again. You know, a coming full circle type deal, since Mario Paint is where everything started for me. With this new one I felt like it needed to be bad, but a different kind of bad. I wasn’t willing to go as crude as in the original short, The Toughest, but I wanted to make something that maybe looked “serious” even though it’s not. Anyway, there was quite a bit of effort going into making something terrible, which is kind of shocking. It goes to show that to make anything it takes time, even if it’s something as simple as this.

So anyway, you can go check out the latest episode of Frankensteiner over in the Episode section under “Extra Episodes.” Enjoy it, and be sure to leave us your thoughts! There you have it, my Halloween gift to you. Happy Halloween!

“How to Hook Up the NES” is DONE!!!


Holy crap. We are actually finished GFGames #5: How to Hook Up the NES. This was a rather massive under taking and I almost can’t believe it’s finally over. The Shamoozal staff worked their asses off on this one, and hopefully it shows. Joe literally worked day and night yesterday to get the audio finished before he left for vacation so we could get this thing up and I’m extremely thankful for it. He did an awesome job, and I’m pretty confident that this isn’t just one of our most well written episodes, but both our best animated episode, but also the best sounding episode.

As you might know, I’ve been throwing this idea around of having a short inspired by Disney’s old Goofy cartoons for well over a year and a half now. I brought the idea up to Steve and Frank in January of ’08 and Steve wrote an initial treatment. At that time, we were fresh off GFG#1 and started working on the second episode. When we finished the next episode, Frank and I knew that this thing was going to be a beast and decided to hold off on it. So we did #3 over the summer, and I decided I could handle #4 on my own since I had free time. Once we had four of these under our belts, I felt like it was time to revisit this script and finally get cracking. Well, eight months later and here we are. It was a heck of a ride, but let me tell you, it’ll feel great to be working on some new material.

Anyway, you can check out the episode over in the Episode Section. Leave some feedback and let us know what you think! Tomorrow I’ll try and get the HD versions ready for download. Thanks for hanging in there everyone.