So the idea for Simon’s Supper obviously stems from the fact that in Castlevania games the protagonists usually find food stashed away in walls. Old monster walls. In a castle that’s been around for centuries. Thought I’d have a little fun with that idea and play with it some. For Simon, I really like the [...]

Uhhh, what a weekend. Nothing better than sitting in a computer chair almost the entire time, only having to go to bed tonight and wake up first thing in the morning to do it all over again, but that time to make a living. I’ll be in pain for sure this week. I promised I [...]

Once again, Amid Amidi over at CartoonBrew is once again crapping all over the artists is supposedly supports. Warner Bros announced today that they are releasing a new animated series starring the classic Loony Tunes characters, and of course this is just a sacrilege in his eyes. He goes on the trash the professionalism of [...]

For a while now I’ve been teasing the fact that I’ve been talking with another website about doing a different kind of animated series. Today I can finally say that we’ll be working with to produce a new series of “micro-shorts” (a term I just coined) called “Read Only Memory.” The first of these [...]

Over the weekend I was interviewed by Karen Demsko of Color the Grayscale and the podcast went live earlier today. Head on over to here if you’re interested in a somewhat more personal interview than normal. I go into a history of Jacquo the Rabbit, talk a bit about more life outside of Shamoozal including [...]

It’s that time of the year again! I’ve spent the better part of this weekend (mainly today) putting together a new promotional video for Saturday’s upcoming NES Marathon. The video we put together last year was a huge success for us, and to be honest, if I didn’t make that thing and Gametrailers didn’t push [...]

Okay, sorry that the whole streaming event was a bust. UStream was being a pain and my machine wasn’t running well at all while I was doing the video capture, so I was forced to cut it if I were to get this done. This project was a little harder than I originally thought. The [...]

Holy crap. We are actually finished GFGames #5: How to Hook Up the NES. This was a rather massive under taking and I almost can’t believe it’s finally over. The Shamoozal staff worked their asses off on this one, and hopefully it shows. Joe literally worked day and night yesterday to get the audio finished [...]