So I know it’s not quite Thanksgiving yet (we still have a few days) but since this is the only time I’m going to update the blog for a while, I figured I might as well say happy Thanksgiving… so… yeah, Happy Thanksgiving! Since my latest post I’ve done a bit of work on the [...]

Is this Xbox Indie title the Purrfect way to spend 80 MSP? Find out…

I hate my wire box. I dread when I have to go into that thing and look for something I might actually need, be it a USB cable or some random AC adapter. It doesn’t matter how many times I sort through it and attempt to organize everything (which is rare actually) because the moment [...]

Watch live video from eldergeekdotcom on Just wanted to get this up here before the actual marathon starts. And remember, I’ll be on at 10pm EST tonight until 12am bringing along a bunch of Sega Genesis games, our particular brand of streaming, and I’ll also be handing out Genesis games through Steam. Don’t miss [...]

My pals over at are doing a 48 hour gaming marathon, the Full Hearts Marathon to be exact, this weekend to raise money for Japan. Starting at around 5pm EST their team will be switching off playing a slew of Japan made titles for the following 48 hours. It’s a pretty beastly marathon if [...]

Since we’re sitting the whole marathon out this year (and probably for eternity at this rate) I’d like to direct you towards a marathon our pals at Elder-Geek will be doing this weekend. Starting at 5PM tonight, the gang at Elder-Geek will spend the following 46 hours playing nothing but Fallout: New Vegas all in [...]

During MAGFest I had the opportunity to meet Randy Yasenchak, the owner of, and was invited to record a podcast for his site. Last night I met with the group over Skype and took part in the latest “issue” of their podcast series Elder-Speek. So hop on over and listen to yours truly blab [...]