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Shamoozal Radio Podcast #36 – Cow Breast Milk


We’re back in our first podcast for the year. Joe was busy with family stuff so we ended up recording the podcast on a single mic in my basement. The audio we recorded there was also lost, so what we have here is ripped from what was broadcast over our Livestream channel. So, it’s kind of like a bad version of a bad version. Watch your ears. As a result, I opted to not include a snippet for our YT page this month, I was going to, but when we get loud, it’s a bit rough. Sorry about that folks.

I was going to edit out a terribly embarrassing moment where I had to leave the podcast to uhhh take care of business, but I decided to leave it in. I don’t give a shit, the people that listen to this practically expect that sort of stuff out of me anyway, so what do I care? Anyway, lots of show notes and ways to download the podcast are after this here paragraph. Yup! Also, thanks to Steve for turning this around for us, he didn’t have much to work with, but at least it was somewhat salvageable.

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