It’s our Holiday podcast just in time for Christmas!

Considering how much complaining I’ve done in the past about Konami bringing back the barbarians, I felt that I should take some time out and reflect on Lords of Shadow, the recently released Castlevania game in which the barbarians have been… uhh… broughten. Lords is the very definition of an ambitious game. This classically designed [...]

So the idea for Simon’s Supper obviously stems from the fact that in Castlevania games the protagonists usually find food stashed away in walls. Old monster walls. In a castle that’s been around for centuries. Thought I’d have a little fun with that idea and play with it some. For Simon, I really like the [...]

I’m tired of the fact that Castlevania: Bloodlines for the Genesis gets about zero love in not just the gaming community but the ever so tight Castlevania community as well. It’s always Symphony of the Night this, Dracula X that, praise for the portable releases, love for the classics like Dracula’s Curse and Super IV, [...]

If you often frequent video game websites, you’re probably well aware that the Gameboy turned 20 earlier this month. I’m not going to go into the history of the little portable that could, because chances are all you already know how awesome it was, how Tetris did this and that, and how Pokemon literally pulled [...]

This kind of falls into the obvious category, but I always wondered why the NES Ninja Gaiden is so similar to the original Castlevania in design. In a sense, Ninja Gaiden is to Castlevania what Onimusha is to Resident Evil. What makes sense there is that Capcom developed those two games, and they purposely set [...]

I recently watched the The Wizard again for the first time in over a decade. Coming out of it as an adult, I feel like a have a stronger appreciation for the movie. This movie is by no means good, and it suffers from some of the most blatant product placement I‘ve seen. On the [...]

The Super NES is home to some of the most memorable video game sound tracks of all time. Much of this is thanks to the then incredible sound processor inside of the SNES. See, unlike nearly all video game consoles before it, the SNES had a dedicated sound processor called the SONY SPC700, which was [...]