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‘Take a Key for Coming In’ is ready to… come in.

Can’t believe I haven’t updated the Nerdlog since the Contra Post Mortem video. Yikes! I had kept meaning to update it with lots of art and progress about the latest episode of Read Only Memory, but I just never ended up doing so. Well I waited so long that I can just update with the final video itself. Hooray for me.

So this short is obviously based off Ghosts ‘N Goblins. Shit, I love me some GnG, and working on this short really got me back into the series. During the time I was working on this I bought Ghouls ‘N Ghosts on Genesis, and have played the Arcade versions a few times too. I’ve also listened to tons of GnG series music, both in keeping with the spirit while working on it and to figure out what music I wanted to use.

I apologize if your knowledge of GnG is very minimal, watch this video, and have no idea what you just saw. With most episodes of ROM, I usually try and open them up a bit so that maybe someone not familiar with the games they are based on can enjoy them. With this episode, I just wanted to make a nice tribute to GnG and to tell the story I wanted to tell meant that I needed to exclude people unfamiliar with the series. It was a tough choice to make, especially with the amount of work that needed to go into it, but I’m glad I did so.

I was really worried at first if this short would be hard to follow. Switching back and forth between a past and present and telling a story in 45 seconds is a lot for a brain to process I think. When I decided that the short would be more of silent film (I was originally going to do narration) things became much more clear to follow.

Also, as you can see there is zero humor in this short as well. I believe this is the first Shamoozal short I’ve done without any jokes. I pretty much did so for the simple fact that I wanted to make something different for a change. GnG is not a humorless series of course, I mean Arthur gets thrown into his boxer shorts every five seconds, and turned into a duck or baby throughout his quest. I wanted to show armor less Arthur here, but I tried very hard not to make it funny. I hope that came through.

This is also the first short I worked on where I dealt with violence. I did everything I could to not show red blood. It would be easy to go into something like this and make it a blood bath, but I still wanted to stay in the PG-13 territory.

So there it is, another episode of ROM down and another one to go. Zelda is up next. It’s going to be brutal!

Music Monday: The Protomen – “The State vs Thomas Light”

The Protomen Act II The Father of Death

In the follow-up to their self-titled album, The Protomen are going back to the beginning to explore the relationship between Albert Wily and Thomas Light. What were the events that molded them into the men we’ve come to know in their later years? Once again, they’ve pulled off a brilliant piece of music that could be appreciated by someone with no knowledge whatsoever about Mega Man.

If you like this, I highly recommend you head over to their web site and pick up “Act II: The Father of Death”

Strider NES Review – Sometimes it’s better left a memory

Strider NES

Strider NES

Strider for the NES is a bit of a strange one. Generally when people think of Strider they think of the Arcade original (and the Genesis port), but rarely do they recall the NES version. Whenever the NES version is brought up, it’s usually mistakenly labeled as a “port” of the Arcade game, when in reality the two games were developed side by side. This is normally where I’d like to say that the NES version has a bit of a bad rap, but the fact of the matter is that fond memories aside, Strider’s a dud.

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Casshern plus The Protomen times Megaman equals GOD


The Protomen is a band that recorded a rock opera album retelling the tragic story of Dr. Light’s two sons Protoman and Rockman. It’s poetic, it’s full of angst… and it will rock your balls on your ass. It’s like a punk-prog-rock Jesus Christ Superstar if Jesus was a robot and spent more time kicking ass rather than crying about everything. I don’t think I need to make the hard sell on this one, it’s simply amazing and you should bow down before them. Your life depends on checking out this album, many of the songs are on their MySpace page, but hearing the whole thing from beginning to end is really the way to go.

This video was prepared by YouTube user PaulLevering and features the song “Vengeance” from the Protomen. The video is taken from the Japanese film “Casshern” which has been sitting in my Netflix Que for far too long, it’s time to bump that guy up to the top. Paul’s intent in making this video is to show how a really good Mega Man movie could be made using Casshern as a visual demonstration. As long as The Protomen were scoring this hypothetical film I’d definitely buy a ticket. Nicely done Paul.