Can’t believe I haven’t updated the Nerdlog since the Contra Post Mortem video. Yikes! I had kept meaning to update it with lots of art and progress about the latest episode of Read Only Memory, but I just never ended up doing so. Well I waited so long that I can just update with the [...]

In the follow-up to their self-titled album, The Protomen are going back to the beginning to explore the relationship between Albert Wily and Thomas Light. What were the events that molded them into the men we’ve come to know in their later years? Once again, they’ve pulled off a brilliant piece of music that could [...]

Strider for the NES is a bit of a strange one. Generally when people think of Strider they think of the Arcade original (and the Genesis port), but rarely do they recall the NES version. Whenever the NES version is brought up, it’s usually mistakenly labeled as a “port” of the Arcade game, when in [...]

The Protomen is a band that recorded a rock opera album retelling the tragic story of Dr. Light’s two sons Protoman and Rockman. It’s poetic, it’s full of angst… and it will rock your balls on your ass. It’s like a punk-prog-rock Jesus Christ Superstar if Jesus was a robot and spent more time kicking [...]