Just wanted to follow up Steve’s post about DC characters with this little gem that was sent to me today. Its short and sweet, and features some really great character animation. Stick it out after the credits to see a quick interview with animator Robb Pratt about some of the art and ideas behind it. [...]

Robots that fall in love with humans, and the humans that fall in love with them.

Aside from keeping up with the films that come out of Studio Ghibli, I’ve completely fallen out of the anime loop. I had my fill of anime back when I was in high school, and I’m not sure what exactly made me drift away from it in the first place. Probably a combination of growing [...]

Saw this and was floored. This is a pitch idea for a feature film done by Headless Studios which I believe is a small group of artists located in Barcelona, Spain. Its all hand drawn and has a ton of vitality and character. It’s a great chip, and I wish them luck with it. Check [...]

This beautiful piece was done by Ryan Woodward. Mr. Woodward has been working in the animation and film industry for fifteen years now. This is his latest work combining his love of 2D animation and the study of the human figure. It relies on rotoscoping of live action dancers, but pushes the meduim into expressive [...]

Been wanting to get this short up into the new episodes page for quite a while but finally had the chance to do it today. At least I managed to do it right before Halloween officially ended! Anyway, I feel like I’ve talked about Candy Corns at length by this point. For this release I [...]

I found Toby Shelton’s personal blog the other day and was floored by a bunch of great model sheets done for some famous Disney series from the late ’80-early 90′s. Toby served as a character designer for Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck, and he was gracious enough to post his original designs for all to [...]

All four ROM shorts in one neat package.