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Movie Info of the Week (Dec 13-17 2010)


My DVD/Blu-Ray Pick

24 Season 8 – One of my favorite shows of the last decade was 24. It kind of fizzled out within the last couple years but its still a really enjoyable show. Season 8 marks the final season of the series where we see what happens with Kiefer Sutherland‘s Jack Bauer. Maybe eight seasons was a little too long and things got a little too repetitive but there’s always some gems and amazing episodes no matter how disappointing a season is. A show that makes it to Season 8 is sure to be remembered as something special. I chose 24 Season 8 as my pick this week not because it was such an awesome collection of episodes but more so because its a TV milestone.

My Theater Pick

TRON Legacy – about a year ago I finally saw the original TRON. I knew about the Internet TRON Guy in his tights but had no idea what the actual movie was all about. Jeff Bridges is one of my all time favorite actors so I had to give it a shot. Well I guess I was a bit late to the party because by the time I saw it, it was totally outdated and cheesy. Bridges was good and the story was kinda cool but its just soooooo old school with the technology and such. The new one looks like a special effects jizz explosion. Its pretty much green screen from beginning to end. Plus, Bridges has gotten better and better with age so I look forward to him reprising a role 25 years later. I’m not totally on board with making every movie IMAX and 3D but this looks like one that could definitely benefit from it.

Box Office Results

The Chronicles of Narnia series is still alive and kicking. The third movie in the series topped the box office with over $24 million. I think it still has some ground to make to be profitable but at least it topped the box office in its opening weekend. And even more impressive is that it beat out a big action spy thriller with two HUGE movie stars in Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. The Tourist kind of bombed with $17 million if you look at who’s involved. Tangled and Harry Potter lost a good amount of audience but that’s understandable.

Also coming out in stores this week is The A-Team, Cyrus, The Other Guys, Despicable Me and Nanny McPhee Returns.

Also hitting theaters this Friday is the James L. Brooks comedy How Do You Know and the horrendous looking Yogi Bear.

Shamoozal Radio Podcast #30 – 24 Trivia Torture

Our first podcast of 2010! We start out with a bit of talk about what we plan on doing for the entire year, and then move right into our 24 themed trivia in which the punishment is for us to put our fingers into a bug zapper. It was pretty brutal, thankfully yours truly only had to do it once while everyone else… well, you’ll see. We then move onto some thoughts about the current season of 24, speculate over Lost (mainly last Tuesday’s premier, so that convo is a little out of date now) and hope into a large helping of Nerd News and wrap it up with the normal Whore Daddy/Clutch section. Enjoy!

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My good friend, Jack Bauer


This weekend saw the return of an old friend of mine: Jack Bauer. Last year, “24” was a victim of the writer’s strike and it did not return to TV for its seventh season until now. I think many, myself included, probably welcomed a break from “24” as its sixth season was some what of a let down. The problem with “24” is that you begin to question everything you see and hear which instantly means whatever the characters are saying you should probably expect the exact opposite. After a solid five seasons, the show began to sag under its own self imposed restriction of a twenty-four hour plot line and was a casualty of its own twisting narrative.

 However, if there is one thing that I think I can never get enough of its watching Jack Bauer running around from terrorists, cops, security guards, and other government agents while yelling over the phone to Chloe. It was rumored that Keifer Sutherland wanted to put more focus on the supporting characters and put less of the spot light on Jack last season. I think this hurt last season, because except for maybe Silver Spoons I found none of the other characters all that interesting. While the fact that there is always going to be an undercover mole tipping someone off, for some reason watching Jack running and gunning never gets old for me, and last season just didn’t have enough of that.

 This season brings the once dead Tony Almeida back. Now, most critics will cry foul, but for myself I can’t be happier. Tony is a staple to the show. Tony, Bill Buchanan, and Chloe are re-united as an undercover shadow cell, affectionately called CTU, which is tracking down corrupt government officials. As Jim “Sithlord” guessed correctly today, it’s basically MGS’s FOXHOUND…which is pretty bad ass if you ask me.

 Day 7 also brings a lot of new faces to the show, and unlike the sixth season none of the supporting characters are annoying or take away from the action. I’m enjoying Rene Walker as she’s flirting with the dark side of gathering intelligence out in the field, and there’s something about that stuffy, dark haired guy back at the FBI that I enjoy watching. I feel like he’s going to snap at any minute.

 So far, the new season of “24” is going damned good and shows a lot of promise. When the show’s clock ticked down the last minute of the hour I was bummed that it was over for the night. Once again, Jack is off doing the wrong thing for the right reasons which is what makes “24” tick, and I can’t wait to see more of my buddy, Jack, make the hard choices no one else can.

Back, Bad and Bald – Thoughts on 24, Day 7

ta_day7_smallerTony is back on 24, and the producers of the show aren’t keeping it a secret. This is their big draw to the latest day in Jack Bauer’s life, and without a doubt their attempt to try and win back some of the audience that they lost last year thanks to the success of Heroes and the fact that Day 6 just wasn’t up to snuff.

If you haven’t had a chance to catch the promo for Day 7 of 24, then you can do so after the jump.

Personally, I don’t think I have ever felt so torn and pumped up at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, this season looks absolutely amazing from what they’ve shown us. However, Tony being the bad guy (if he really truly IS a bad guy) just means he is going to die again. I’d just hate to see the return of such a legendary character only to have to lose him at the end. Also, is that a big ‘ol scar above Tony’s eye, the same spot where he was blown up?

Okay, Tony aside, we have finally seen what the world of 24 is like without CTU. They made it loud and clear in this promo that they’re not in LA anymore, and that they certainly aren’t in lousy old CTU facilities. The new sets look like a refreshing change of pace, and the golden glow of LA days looks to be replaced by a more sterile and cold DC. I can’t help but feel like the change of scenery alone already helps freshen up the show.

Also worth noting is that Jack hasn’t looked so clean since he began Day 4 by the side of Secretary Hellar. The last two seasons have both stared off with Jack looking rather miserable. We also caught a glimpse of Chloe and Double B, leading me to believe that even though we’re not really in CTU, I’m sure they’ll still act as Jack’s support. Speaking of which, I thought Bill lost his job? I guess Chloe decided to move to DC after she had her baby? Hmmm.

Looks like they’re also trying to play up to one of 24’s biggest assets, the insane torture. Jack is on trial for torturing a man in a bus, and he tells the court that he doesn’t feel bad for it in the least. By the previews end, that mystery woman who apparently “has Jack under control” lets him go back to his old ways immediately. Who doesn’t want to see Jack Bauer torture some dope?

I thought this was an awesome preview. They gave us just enough to help tide over the wait, and they also showed us so much damn stuff that we’re left with even more questions. I seriously can’t wait.

Jack Bauer figure in the house

Bauer_smallI was over at the local mall today buying myself a new pair of glasses. I decided to take a trip to Samgoody, aka the most over priced store on the planet, and see if they had anything cool. Samgoody is an awful store by the way. I was trying to browse through their Playstation collection and it was a nightmare. Nothing is in order, it’s this mix of old and new product, and everything is ridiculously expensive. There was a used copy of Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter which looked like it was wrapped up in a shit, and was going for 20 dollars, where as I bought a copy for myself at Gamestop a few months ago for 6.99.

Unfortunately, there are no more specialty shops in this mall, so this store is the only place where you’ll find cool American and Japanese toys that you likely won’t find at Toys R Us. Case in point, the new Jack Bauer figure from McFarlene. I wrote about this figure before, but it looks like it finally came out. At 20 bucks, it’s a little steep. Problem is, even if I found this thing on the net for cheaper, I’d probably still end up paying around 20 dollars with shipping. Since I’ve been looking so flipping forward to this figure, I didn’t mind the price so much. Heck, I’m on vacation too, I’m allowed to toss away some money if I want (glasses not included).

Of course he doesn’t look as good as the prototype, but it’s damn close. The problem is I don’t really have room for this figure anywhere. I’m debating taking it out of the box, not that I’m anal about that stuff, but sometimes certain figures look better packaged. This one might be one of them. For the Bauer fan, it doesn’t get much cooler than this.

Tony Almeida Returns!

TonyToday the producers of 24 let the world know that Day 7 of 24 is already better than Day 6. They revealed that when Jack is in Washington DC, he’s going to run into his old partner and friend, Mr. Tony Almeida. You know, the guy who drinks beer out of a Cubs mug, and was “killed off” in the lousiest way possible.

Face it, Tony didn’t go out the way he should have. In fact, he went out like a little bitch. Being stabbed in the chest by a retired Robocop is the most insulting way to kill off a character like Tony. When Tony dies, he deserves to die a hero, not a coward. Even George Mason, a no good son of a bitch, ended up being an American Hero. Basically, when Tony’s death went down, fans of 24 never really forgave the show.

Then Day 6 happened, the weakest season in 24’s long history. When it all wrapped up, most fans of the show just weren’t happy with the whole season, and the route the show was taking. Today’s news of bringing back Tony is not only what the show needs, but it is an apology from the producers for taking him from us in the first place.

For anyone that thinks this is a stupid idea, well, it’s not a stupid idea. Fact: In Day 2 of 24, Jack Bauer died, and was dead for a few minutes. If we’re willing to accept that Jack was dead, and then brought back to life, and then proceed to murder a bunch of people while naked, then we can accept that Tony is back.

The trick is to throw out all logic and simply enjoy this monumental occasion for what it is. The gods have spoken and they have said “Let there be Almeida.” Hop onto the good ship 24, and set sail for adventure.

The return of the side winder, the soul patch, the close talker, and our best god damned friend.


How to fill the 24 void in your life

Bauer Banner

We Jack Bauer fans have a lot of waiting to do over the next few months. Okay, so this past season of 24 certainly wasn’t the finest in the series, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss spending Monday nights with my favorite CTU agents.

That said there is a whole world of 24 out there, including plenty of ways to spend time with Jack while we wait for Day 7 to arrive in January. You might be surprised by the amount of options, ranging from books to video games. Take a look.

24: Declassified Books

There is an entire series of paperback books based on the 24 world. They all happen before the events of Day 1, so you can expect a handful of familiar faces like Tony Almeida and Nina Meyers. I actually haven’t read any of them myself, but I usually hear positive things about them, and I know for a fact they take place in other locations, like New York. There are five books in all, meaning there is plenty to keep you busy. You can of course find these books in any book store or online.

24 Book

24: The Game for PS2

Let me get this out of the way right now, 24: The Game is absolutely terrible when it actually comes to the game itself, and somehow they managed to make Michelle Dessler look ugly. However, it actually has a decent narrative compared to most video games. It bridges the gaps between Day 2 and 3, answering such questions like “What happened to David after the attack?” and the most important question of all “How did Kate Warner have Jack’s leather coat in the first episode of day 3?” If you can stomach and survive the boring gun fights, poor driving scenes and maddening interrogation sequences, there’s a bit to love for the 24 fan. Being that it is over a year old, you can probably find it really cheap. Oh, and Callery’s soundtrack is top.

24 The Game

24 Day Zero

Day Zero is an animated web series that started at the end of this past season. Each episode is only a few minutes long and offers a look into Jack’s past showing exactly how he became wrapped up in his affair with Nina Meyers. It would appear that this series has all the makings to be great, with original voice talents from the cast, and writers from the show, but it suffers from some really poor animation. It’s more like a comic book than an animated show, but it should help tide fans over. Check it out here.

24 Day Zero

Pretend to be Jack with 24 Music

Sean Callery’s intense score to the television show can also be purchased on CD. The first disc is a best of from the first three seasons of the show, while the recently released second disc covers tunes from season’s 4 and 5. Relive some of the shows finest moments like the fan favorite “Jack’s Humanity.” Worth a listen if you’re into this sort of stuff.

24 Tunes

Worship Jack with his action figure

Due out sometime during August is this awesome Jack Bauer action figure from McFarlane Toys. So even if you can’t watch the show, at least you’ll always have a little reminder of him at your desk. I’m personally stoked.

Jack Figure

Enjoy 100 of the show’s greatest moments

The gang over at Progressive Boink put together an amazing list of moments of the first five seasons of 24. They seriously have everything covered, and I found it hilarious that they picked up on and love the same sort of quirks that I do. I thought I was the only one who laughed at stuff like Mike Novak peeking around corners. They also refer to certain scenes by the same names as my friends and I do, like “American Hero.” All of the scenes are accompanied by YouTube clips, so leave open a day or two to go through it all. It’s awesome, go check it out.

Hopefully these few items will help tide you over while you wait for Day 7 to begin. If you haven’t watched 24 before, than use this time to brush up or watch all of the previous seasons. You’ll thank me later.