Slowly bringing the blog back

If you haven’t noticed I have been trying to put a little bit of effort back into the “Nerdlog.” Over the last two weeks I’ve had more updates than normal. The fact is, I miss writing. I’m not the best writer, but it’s something I do enjoy doing and it’s been missing in my life for a while. Second thing is, people actually still visit this thing! Can you believe that? Third thing is, well, I pay for it, I might as well use it! So let me address all of these points.

Like I said, I miss writing. I can’t say expect the same level of activity like back in the Nerdlog’s heyday, but I’d like to start having fun with it again. I’m not sure if I’m going to do them, but I even have some ideas for stuff like the old Feature articles I used to it. The Nerdlog is not going to be my focus though. That said, I’d like to have one or two updates a week. Two updates a week would be great!

Then there is the fact that people still visit this blog. Mostly there are three evergreen features I put together that still get a lot of traction. They are, The Wizard: Where Are They Now?, Restore your N64 to your former glory, and The Ultimate Guide to Restoring the NES. These articles were put together from ’07 through ’09. Since they still get a fair amount of visitors I have actually gone through all three of them and added a bit of new content to them. So much has changed in regards to all three of those topics since I wrote about them. Retro gaming exploded, my cleaning methods have changed, and parts that were hard to come by (like N64 analog sticks) are in full supply. In regards to The Wizard, we’ve learned more about the movie now that it’s picked up in popular culture through interviews with the director, and cast. I felt all of these things were important to add into the articles to freshen them up and keep them relevant.

Finally, the money thing. I have paid for’s web space out of pocket for over a decade. For ages I never even had a single ad on this site. It wasn’t until last year I added one whole Google Ad to every page. Believe me, it doesn’t give me much. In fact, I haven’t even been paid out from Google yet, that’s just how low of a figure that is. That said, I do plan on testing different ads and revenue generators. In an effort to be fully transparent, I’ve scattered Amazon listing links into some articles. If people click these and buy products through them, I get a very small commission. I’m not telling you to click these and buy things using them. I’m just putting it out there that these things are in place and that the reason they’re in place is to potentially take some of the burden off of me from this site that has essentially been a money pit for 10 years. Side note: I have no interest in doing something like a Patreon because I have nothing to offer in a Patreon like set up.

Anyway, hopefully I can keep the streak of new posts coming.

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