Read Only Memory on hiatus for rest of 2010

Howard & Nester Delayed

Howard & Nester Delayed

Well this is something I didn’t want to have to write about. After much consideration I’ve decided that I can’t move ahead with ROM episodes for the remainder of the year.

I have been working on the next episode, Howard & Nester & Metroid, since late August and since then I’ve barely moved along on the project. The simple fact is that having twins literally makes it impossible to work on it. The way my wife and I work together with the babies is that each night we’re responsible for one of them and we alternate which baby we have each day. I’ve tried to find work arounds (like bringing them into the office while I work) in order to get stuff done but it never works out. Lately, I’ve been getting maybe 15 – 20 minutes every two nights or so to get work done. I’m moving at a snails pace and in some cases its taken me an entire week just to do one drawing.

It has become extremely frustrating to do work on these shorts as a result. Tuesday night was the last time I attempted to work on the short, I wasn’t even able to get 10 minutes in before I had to stop. Thinking about how and when I’m going to work on these shorts has just added that much more stress onto my life. It was then that I decided I probably needed to take a break from doing the shorts.

It’s a bummer. I was set on getting the entirety of ROM Vol. 2 finished by January. That deadline is absolutely impossible at the moment. I can’t promise a return date, that all depends on when the kids get into a regular routine and I’m able to have time to sneak off and crank out some work. I’m hopeful that will be some time in early 2011, but I can’t count on it.

What I will be doing is slowly working on the short in the meantime whenever I really do get a good opportunity to work on it. Instead of releasing it when its finished though, I’m going to hang onto it a bit and start work on the next one. Once I get to a point where I’m comfortable enough I’ll be able to start releasing the shorts so they come out at least on a monthly basis instead of having to wait two to three months per short. This isn’t how I envisioned things going, but right now I have to do what I have to do. What really sucks is that this further delays the project I want to tackle after ROM Vol 2. Man I can’t wait to work on that one.

I’ll of course still update the blog (as I can work on a laptop while holding a baby, that’s no big deal) and we’ll try and get some more podcasts up for the year too. I also plan on uploading the rest of our back catalog of shorts onto YouTube (Candy Corns this month, Black Friday next month, and so on) so I’m not going to cease working on the Shamoozal completely.

So, there you have it. Crappy news, but as Chris Klein would say “that had to be done.” Damn, I was on a roll too.

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