‘The Lonely Island – Turtleneck & Chain’ Track by Track Review


Lonely Island

For those of you that are unfamiliar, and SHAME ON YOU if you are, The Lonely Island is a three piece comedy group from Berkeley, California. Two members of the group, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, are currently writers for Saturday Night Live. And they have directed the feature films Hot Rod and MacGruber respectively. The third member is the most well known, Andy Samberg, a featured actor on Saturday Night Live, and also a movie star in his own right. They have been making short skits and songs for over a decade now. But enough with the history lesson, I could seriously go on and on. This is a track-by-track review of their latest album, Turtleneck & Chain.

1. We’re Back – the three Dudes start off strong with a silly rap about their dicks not working. Its completely ridiculous and just proof that they are not taking themselves seriously with their new found SNL Digital Short fame. They started this fake rap shit. Grammy Nominated!

2. Mama – the first of two songs made for dear old Mom. This one is more of a comedy skit where the Mom keeps barging in on the guys while they’re trying to record a song for her. The lyrics may be about loving her but you wouldn’t know otherwise since they curse her out every time she interrupts.

3. I Just Had Sex – one of the big break out hits from SNL. Akon loans his auto tuned voice as the R&B tune has Jorma and Andy bragging about their sexual conquests, most of which are not much to brag about. A catchy tune that could even be played on radio. This one definitely boosted their popularity a bit more after debuting on SNL in December of last year. Over 90 million hits on Youtube.

4. Jack Sparrow – this song was released right before the album hit stores and they couldn’t have picked a better time. Michael Bolton lends his sexy voice as the cinema obsessed chorus man. The Dudes try to make a hardcore rap about picking up chicks in the club and all Bolton wants to do is sing about Jack Sparrow and other films. I loved it the moment I heard it and its constantly stuck in my head.

5. Attracted To UsBeck appears on this one, which is kind of the low point of the album. Just a repetitive song about different girls being attracted to the shy guys. I would have much rather had another Just Two Guyz/We Like Sports type song over this one. But I’m just nitpicking.

6. Rocky – a story song which The Lonely Island are experts at. There’s no chorus, just verses explaining the day a simple man challenged Rocky Balboa to a fight. I’m a big fan of their story songs like Incredibad from their last album and The Heist from their unreleased album before they were famous. They always go to absurd lengths by the end.

7. My Mic (Interlude) – just a silly mic check that makes me laugh.

8. Turtleneck & Chain – a catchy rap song making fun of guys that wear turtlenecks with thin chains and drink light beer. This is another I always find myself singing. Snoop Dogg appears but its like he’s not in on the joke because his rap seems a little too serious. I could have did without him all together.

9. Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde – Shy Ronnie first debuted on SNL in a classroom setting where Rihanna plays a teacher who is explaining things to the class. Andy is Shy Ronnie who doesn’t talk loud enough for anyone to hear. Shy Ronnie 2 is the two of them at it again, this time robbing a bank. Shy Ronnie only starts rapping loud when Rihanna leaves. One of the sleeper hits of the album and it always makes me laugh when Andy goes HA HA!

10. Trouble on Dookie Island – this is another one that cracks me up. It’s a hardcore robbery rap that turns its focus on the two robbers shitting themselves as they run away. Its just completely ridiculous and hilarious. Using the word Dookie makes it even funnier. Maybe I’m childish for thinking that but them rapping about Dookie makes me smile.

11. Falcor vs. Atreyu (Classy Skit #1) – did you ever see The Neverending Story? Did you ever imagine what it would sound like if Falcor banged Atreyu? Look no further.

12. Motherlover – here’s the next song about Mom. This one didn’t exactly take off on SNL like Dick In A Box did but Andy teamed up with Justin Timberlake to bring those same characters back. This time they forgot to get their moms a Mother’s Day present so they decide sleeping with each other’s mothers would be the perfect gift. Another catchy one that isn’t really hilarious but still enjoyable.

13. The Creep – Great video starring rapper Nicki Minaj and director John Waters. Its just about guys being complete nerdy creeps, much like John Waters in real life. If there’s one thing the Dudes are good at, its writing catchy lyrics. If they weren’t in the comedy game I’m sure they could write real songs for artists. This is another one that is always in my head. I might have to try The Creep one day. No Embed Link.

14. Watch Me Do Me (Classy Skit #2) – just a disgusting short skit about a man jerking off. That is all.

15. Threw It On The Ground – some hilarious lyrics (MY DAD’S NOT A PHONE!) and a great video to go along with it. Andy is just paranoid about everything and slamming things on the ground. He won’t be part of your system, MAAAAAAAAAN!

16. Japan – the three Dudes travel to Japan and sing about doing every single expensive thing they can think of in hopes of getting a music video made where the record company has to spend a lot of money. Kind of a joke towards their management but also a pretty funny song.

17. After Party – this is another sleeper hit on the album. After a few listens, I realized how great it was. Its done in the style of Like A Boss where you see a downward spiral of someone that can’t handle the night life. R&B star Santigold provides the chorus and is a great example of a guest star that is actually IN on the joke. Take some notes Snoop.

18. No Homo – this is another song that resembles Like A Boss. The lyrics are done in a similar manner where No Homo is said in between each semi-gay comment. Another funny one that you really have to listen to in order to catch all the comedy.

19. No Homo (Outro) – just a continuation of the song to end the album.

There you have it. One of the best comedy albums to come out since… their last comedy album. The Lonely Island are spreading like wildfire. I saw Twitter updates from several celebrities saying how hilarious the new album is and I would definitely have to agree. The low points on the album aren’t even that low. And the high points greatly outweigh them anyway. I’ve listened to the whole thing about 5 times from beginning to end already and its only been out for a week. That doesn’t include watching the videos online. I hope they continue their rise, make some more silly movies, continue with SNL Digital Shorts and of course put out a new album every now and then. The Dudes are A-OK in my book.

Shamoozal Radio – Judgment Day – LIVE This Saturday

Terminator 2 SRP

Need something entertaining to listen to during the start of the apocalypse this weekend? We will be recording our semi-bi-monthly podcast this Saturday at around 9:00PM EST, and of course we’ll be doing it live which you’ll be able to watch right here on Shamoozal.com.

What to expect from Saturday night’s main event? Well it’s the fifth year anniversary of Shamoozal Radio, can you believe that? Somehow for some reason we keep this train rolling, and we’ve been doing it for five years. I don’t know if that’s an accomplishment or not, but either way, we’ll find a reason to celebrate it this weekend. On top of that we’ll be doing our big annual Summer movie preview/blowout. To help us along since most of us regular podcasting crew members won’t get to see much this summer, we’ll have JohnnyManf of Moviewiseguys along to show us what we should be watching.

The fifth anniversary, the summer movie line up, the apocalypse, it’s a chemical combustion that could never ever be recreated. In fact, this episode might be so explosive that it’ll shake the very foundations of the earth hence starting the end of the world as we know it. The crew may not make it to the Promised Land, but the hell if we won’t be riding a bolt of lightening across the stratosphere while it’s going down.

Okay, it won’t be that exciting, but stay tuned anyway, okay?

Movie Info of the Week (May 16-20 2011)


My DVD/Blu-Ray Pick
The Mechanic

The Mechanic – there was really nothing else to pick besides this movie. I didn’t see it but I was somewhat interested when it came out in theaters. Jason Statham is badass, even though all his action films look the same with fights and car chases (The Transporter 1-3, Crank 1-2, Death Race). I still enjoy his work and The Mechanic looked like more of the same. He’s a hitman training Ben Foster as a replacement, but Foster is a bit of a loose cannon. I might give it a watch since its on video now.

My Theater Pick
Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – I may be in the minority here on this site but I really enjoy the Pirates trilogy. I’m a big fan of Johnny Depp, who is a great actor that doesn’t take himself too seriously and still can play silly characters here and there. The one problem with the new movie is director Gore Verbinski did not come back, instead the director of Chicago, Rob Marshall, is taking the helm. He’s done a lot of musicals and I haven’t been interested in any of his projects yet to date. But the trailer did look like the same fun we’ve seen in the previous 3 films. This time around, the focus is all on Depp, instead of him sharing time with Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley, both did not return. Captain Jack Sparrow is on the hunt for the Fountain of Youth, but a dastardly pirate named Blackbeard (Ian McShane) is also racing to get there first. Penelope Cruz and Geoffrey Rush also star.

Box Office Results

Thor still took the #1 spot at the box office with over $34 million more added to its bank. This was expected though as comedies usually don’t score huge amounts of money like big action films do. And plus Bridesmaids was an all female comedy, unfairly lumping it into chick flick territory, but it still managed to bring in almost $25 million in #2. Priest took #4 with $14.5 million which surely isn’t enough to profit a very CGI-heavy film.

Also coming out in stores this week is The Other Woman, The Rite, The Roommate and Vanishing on 7th Street.

The Magazine Treasure Chest – Part 3 – Magazine Memories

Assorted Game Mags

While going through my “Magazine Treasure Chest” I started taking some pictures of pages that caught my attention. After sifting through my photos, it turns out most of them are from Electronic Gaming Monthly, but that’s probably because I already wrote about early Nintendo Power in a previous post. Then there is GamePro, but lets face it, GamePro has nothing memorable going on despite the fact that I own tons of them.

I’m going to handle this one as more of a slide show, just a bunch of photos with some captions under them. Enjoy.

Final Fantasy EGM covers

I loved these Final Fantasy covers that were supposedly drawn by Yoshitaka Amano just for EGM, though I’ve seen the art elsewhere since then. I still really like Amano’s art, but at the time I was rather infatuated with his work, so I snatched these issues up and put them away in a different and safer spot for years. I loved the one of Tidus and Yuna so much that I actually bit off of it big time in a school project I worked on. Mine of course was no where near as awesome.

EGM size differences

In the mid 90s EGM did a handful of huge issues of the magazine. The one I still have in great condition features Doom for the 32X on the front. It’s pretty amazing they were able to put something like that out at the time, that thing was just packed with games and info (and of course ads). I suppose I see how it was possible, we were at what was then a height for video games as a medium and the internet wasn’t quite what it is today. How else would companies be able to reach interested players? Compare that to the July 2007 issues of EGM at the bottom of the stack which is about a quarter of the size of that beast. In the middle is probably the last “huge” issues of EGM from November 2002, but even that is dwarfed compared to the 1994 issue. Also, please excuse my gross finger nail in that shot. I cut them the next day.

EGM Donkey Kong map

The beauty of that huge issue is that they were able to dedicate pages to large maps like this. I always loved when magazines, especially Nintendo Power, would have huge maps on the pages. I love looking at game maps laid out like that, they give you a sense of how the developers are thinking along with the scale and scope of stages in a game. Today you can find tons of maps like this on vgmaps.com, but in those days this was the only way to see stuff like this.

EGM Arcade Game Coverage

EGM used to have a two to four page spread on Arcade games, which I always enjoyed seeing. Usually with games I would never get to play, but that was always the fun of it.

They also used to do big import sections and previewed tons of games that would never see the light of day in the US. This was another section I used to love looking at, and I’d always hold out hope that some of these games would eventually make it stateside.

EGM Import Section

Magazines like EGM and GameFan would have crazy cool ads in the back for shops that carried import games, along with anime posters, toys, and videos. I never ordered anything from these because I never had the money, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t read their huge release lists and salivate over the prospects of owning a Dragon Ball Z or Sailor Moon game for the Super Famicom.

Mario EGM cover

I included this cover for the headline that reads “Is 1999 the year Nintendo gets it right?” See, people think that the media has only started to beat up Nintendo with the Wii, but the fact is that they always love beating up on Nintendo. I suspect that same headline will be on the cover of some game magazine after this years E3. Some things just never change.

Panzer Dragoon Saga Ad

I thought this Panzer Dragoon Saga (Sega Saturn) ad was kind of funny, even though it’s a terrible ad. That game got a limit run of copies when Sega had already pulled the plug on the Saturn. This ad makes light of the limited quantities of the game and tells the person to cut out the mask and just pretend to be the character from the game to get your fix because chances are you’re not going to get it or play it.

First two years of Nintendo Power

I’m totally keeping these issues of Nintendo Power. You’re looking at almost the first two full years of Nintendo Power magazine (minus the issue that Simon’s Quest graced the cover of), which at the time was a bimonthly publication. These were the real reason I even started digging through all this stuff. You’ll see them in some capacity in ROM Vol 2.

First shot of TMNT in NP

There was a contest in the back of an early issue of NP where you could win tickets to see the upcoming TMNT movie. I took a shot of this image because it was the first shot I ever saw of the TMNT movie. I had heard the movie was coming but I didn’t know anything about it. In fact, I think I assumed that it was just going to be the cartoon. This single image was somewhat mind blowing to my young mind at the time. I just remembered staring at it for a long time wondering how that Leonardo worked and moved around. I was beyond pumped.

Assorted Game Mags

While NP, EGM and GamePro were my mains, I grabbed other mags here and there over the years. That’s the second to the last issue of the short lived Dreamcast magazine, along with a handful of Japanese mags, two from the N64 era that I bought from a shop in north Jersey that had a huge bookstore with lots of publications from Japan. The Weekly Famitsu I snagged on my honeymoon in Japan, because how could I not buy that week’s issue? And then there is the only issue I owned of Next Generation, can you guess why I bought that one?

So that’s just a couple things I noted while sorting through my magazines. I could probably find way more other odds and ends, but I thought this was enough for now.

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Part 2 – My work sort of in print
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Movie Info of the Week (May 9-13 2011)


My DVD/Blu-Ray Pick
Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine – this is a romantic drama starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. But its not your run of the mill romance flick. Its very R-rated. It flips back and forth between the beginning of a relationship and the end of one. Gosling and Williams fall in love fast and have a great time when they’re young. When they’re older, Williams has grown to hate Gosling and they constantly argue. Both leads put on great performances that were nominated for all kinds of awards. Michelle Williams actually got a surprise nod for an Oscar. Director Derek Cianfrance also got several nods as the year’s most promising new filmmaker. The story just shows the break down of how a “love at first sight” might not necessarily be soulmate kind of material. Kind of depressing but still a good movie.

My Theater Pick

Bridesmaids – throw an ensemble female cast into a comedy and its not exactly something I run out to see but Bridesmaids could change that. I do think Kristen Wiig is hilarious and there aren’t many women I can say that about. I don’t want to sound sexist but its going to come off that way anyway. In this movie, Wiig plays a woman getting old and still single that is going to be the maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding. So she starts getting those feelings of “when will it happen for me”. Sounds pretty cheesy right? But with Wiig as the lead I have some faith in it. Also it stars Ellie Kemper (Erin from The Office) and Wendi McLendon-Covey (Deputy Johnson from Reno 911). So hopefully it is more like a female version of The Hangover instead of a chick flick.

Box Office Results

Its not too much of a surprise that Thor was #1 at the box office. It is surprising that it only made about $66 million. That may seem like a lot but after Fast Five took in over $80 million in the final weekend of April, I think the producers were expecting Thor to go above and beyond that since it was the first official big summer movie of the year. And I’m sure Thor had a much bigger budget with all the special effects used. Its not a bomb by any means but it definitely underperformed, especially with all the positive reviews.

Also coming out in stores this week is Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, No Strings Attached, Black Death and Home Improvement 20th Anniversary Complete Collection.

Also coming out in theaters this weekend is the Paul Bettany sci-fi vampire hunter flick, Priest.

The Magazine Treasure Chest – Part 2 – My work sort of in print

Giggas' Nintendo Power art

During my sorting of the Magazine Treasure Chest I came across two game mags that actually featured my work. Oddly enough, I’m not actually named in either of these minor accomplishments, but when you’re a youngster with dreams of writing for magazines like this, it doesn’t matter how you appear in them. First up is the October 1996 issues of Nintendo Power.

Okay it’s confession time. Back when Nintendo ran the Nintendo Power Source on AOL, I took part in an interactive story that was based in Hyrule. I don’t really remember much about it to tell you the truth, I just remember the rules were that no one could write about Link and Zelda. I’m sure there are hundreds of boards that still do this sort of thing to this day, but at the time it seemed kind of unique. Anyway I pretty much sucked at writing these stories, though I’m sure they were all absolutely terrible when you get down to it. Regardless, I enjoyed taking part in the first round of this new community feature (I never took part in any stories past the first, so I don’t know how long Nintendo ran these things).

During the course of the story, users were asked to hand in drawings of their characters so they could display them on a board for people to download. Since I loved drawing so much in those days, I of course took part in drafting a shot of my characters. The problem is that actually getting your pictures into the computer was kind of complicated! In those days it wasn’t common for someone to own a scanner, and no one was taking pictures with digital cameras. I actually had to go to a friends house to use his scanner so I could submit this thing to the site. I was happy to have been able to hand in my work, but I never would have imagined it would land in the pages of Nintendo Power. I wasn’t a subscriber at the time and I had found out that I was in there from others that I hung out with on the NPS.

Of course it’s “By Giggas” and not my actual name, but like I said, that didn’t matter. All that mattered is that my drawing was in Nintendo Power. I remember running to a bunch of stores trying to buy a copy of this but I couldn’t find it. My cousin was actually nice enough to lend me his when he got it. I’m not so sure he thought I was going to keep it, but that’s kind of what ended up happening, sorry Brian. At least I took really good care of it! Ha.

Two years later more of my work would be featured in the now defunct Ultra Gameplayers Magazine.

A buddy of mine that I had met through the NPS actually collaborated together for years on lots of fun online projects. He used it as a means to teach himself web design and coding where as I mainly used it as an opportunity to crank out content. He was always good at coming up the big picture, and I was generally pretty good at giving it some substance.

One of our projects was a Nintendo 64 fansite, as if there weren’t enough of those already, but his nice designs and my desire to write about everything gaming related led to the creation of TGE Online (True Gaming Edge Online, how cool were we?). We actually weren’t running it for too long when we heard that it would be featured in Ultra Gameplayers. We were pumped and of course scrambled to try and make the site better. Since it was his baby, he decided that it should encompass all games, but since neither of us really had anything but Nintendo at the time, it was a strange idea that I disagreed with. Looking back, I had no right to disagree, it was his site that he was footing the bill for. He was a few years older than I, so I was a bit hot headed over the whole thing. He did put me in my place, and I deserved it. So the day this magazine hit news stands he updated the site to be more than the N64, we got into an argument and then that was pretty much it for TGE Online.

Still, it was cool being featured in the mag! We were only a small blurb in the back of the magazine, but for us it was enough. I’m pretty sure UGP came to an end itself not much longer. That was one of those ones that showed up during the 32-bit era and just never got to leave it.

So these two magazines will survive the great magazine purge. They’re such small little things, it’s hard to say if they were really even accomplishments, but they felt like it then. I wasn’t in any sports or anything when I was a kid, so I never got any trophies. Yes, I’ve never received a trophy in my entire life. I wasn’t an honor student either so I never got any certificates telling me how great my grades were. In my little world, these were my trophies and these were what drove me to keep doing the stuff I enjoyed doing. Insignificant in the long run, but still hold a lot of value regardless.

Also worth noting, my old Jacquo cartoons that I said I’d never show anyone again were featured in a handout that went to subscribers to EGM. Well they were sort of features on the sheet anyway. It was simply a list of links to sites they thought were worth checking out, and my Jacquo cartoons were cool enough to watch I guess! I have the paper somewhere, but that’s buried in a completely different area.

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ROM Update for Contra with Friends

Contra with Friends

Well shit.

Seriously. When I first planned the story boards for “Contra with Friends” I had way too many shots, and on top of that I wanted to include what I thought would be a semi-complicated shot. I knew the shot might end up being more than I could handle, so I went through the boards again and really scaled everything back, and I tried to see where I could get the most out of my assets. I thought I had it all nice and tidy and ready to roll.

Well I’ve been working on the “semi-complicated” shot for well over a month now. That would be “Shot 04″ to be exact. I decided to wanted to do this traditionally, meaning no fancy puppeting with Flash. It’s all straight up drawings the old fashion way. It’s 97 frame long running at 24fps, meaning it’s only about 4 seconds long. Some of it is running on twos, so I don’t actually have to draw all 97 frames… well I sort of do. This shot has three characters involved, all interacting with one another in some way. I of course starting out by roughing out the entire sequence. There was a lot to tweak during that phase, some of which meant that I needed to go back and reanimate some of the frames completely. After that I went through and “cleaned up” (I use this term loosely because my clean up job is yikes) each of the characters. So while it’s 97 frames long, each character is their own symbol, so I need to go through those three symbols separately. Two of the characters are around for half the time, so they’re both around for the same length as the main character. To put it into simple terms, it’s a lot of god damn drawings.

So for the last week and a half I’ve been coloring these cleaned up frames. I’m currently halfway through only one of the characters. Each colored frame (as seen above) takes me about 20 minutes to do. I’m probably doing it ass backwards, but the colors are on three layers. The flat color is its own, the shadows/highlights are another, and the black clean line is on top. I average around 3 – 4 frames each night I work on it. At this rate, I’m going to be here for a long while. In an effort to shave off a few minutes, I actually ditched the highlights on Bill’s pants moving forward. I went as far as to erase the ones I put in on some of the previous ones too (they just so happened to still be there on the first frame when I grabbed that still).

This is leading me to possibly rethink the rest of the short. I obviously can’t continue the rest of the short like this, I’ll just never get it done, and to be honest, it wouldn’t be worth it. I’m currently in the process of maybe further changing the pacing of the short and the actual story and jokes. If I do that, the short won’t be called “Contra with Friends” anymore. I had thought maybe I could get this whole short done by the end of May, hoping I could have it out before I leave on vacation. I’ll be lucky to have Shot 04 done by the end of May. It still needs all the character animation, then it needs some slight effects work, a background, and finally some camera work. The end of June is looking the MOST likely. What the fuck was I thinking?

So of course I need to make it all worth it, which is why I’m rethinking most of how this short is going to play out. I may leave it as is, but I guess the silver lining of this particular shot is that I can rebuild around it. This shot isn’t telling any kind of joke or anything, I just want to capture the essence of Contra.

Anyway, yeah I wish I could go back in time and tell myself I was crazy for even thinking this was a good idea.

The Magazine Treasure Chest


Ever since I moved into my house I’ve had two giant storage containers full of video game magazines sitting in my basement. They’re ridiculously heavy, in fact, after pulling them out of storage I’m not even sure how I was able to get them down there in the first place. I had two purposes to go through these containers, one of which actually pertains to ROM Vol 2, and the second of which is to simply throw this stuff out.

What I’ve discovered in these bins however are not only vintage game magazines, but pieces of my art and my life that I actually forgot I had. I’ve found so much stuff that I decided to make a multi-part feature for the site because there is just way too much to cover all in one shot. I figured a good way to start this series of articles would be the one that pertains to Shamoozal the most, my rediscovery of the first picture of Jacquo the Rabbit I’ve ever drawn. Yup. The original.

I thought I had lost this notebook as I’ve managed to throw out most of my old grade & high school notebooks (yes, I kept those in addition to my magazines because many of them were more like sketchbooks than notebooks). I must have been kind of forward thinking because I put it in with these bins knowing that it would be safe. The best part is that since he was first drawn in a notebook during class (Religion class no less) is that it’s actually dated. I can peg the creation of Jacquo on October 15th of 1998. The actual year isn’t written, but considering the vast amounts of notes I left myself about the impending release of The Legends of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I can naturally guess that it was 1998. This would put me in my Junior year of high school, already working at KB Toys, and already running the Shamoozal in some form.

Looking at this Jacquo, not much has changed. I buttoned up his coat, ditched the ear tag and necklace and cleaned up his fur a bit. He’s also saying “bitch” which I thought would be hilarious to come out of a rabbits mouth at the time (it’s not that hilarious). I’m pretty certain in all of the old Jacquo shorts (which no one will ever see) he said “bitch” in all of them. Probably multiple times in some of them. “Bitch” was Jacquo’s “Cowabunga” basically.

In this second image I’m envisioning him on a bar stool. I can remember trying to figure out how big I wanted him to be. In my mind, he was kind of a Roger Rabbit size character, not the size of a adult human or the actual animal, but somewhere in between. Next to that is a shot of him bending over and farting. The shot is ugly, but I was obviously fleshing out the idea of the first Jacquo short here in the middle of class (of all places). In the first crude episode of Jacquo (again, one you won’t see) I used this exact shot and animated him farting at a character. Basically in “Jacquo the Drunken Rabbit” Jacquo is having a drink when someone tells him he “can’t do that here.” Jacquo gets mad says “Shut up bitch” in which the opposite character responds “WHAT?” only to be followed up with a six frame animated loop of Jacquo farting. The end. That was the whole short. I know it by heart.

Interestingly enough, further ahead in the book I found a poorly drawn storyboard sequence for “Jacquo the Drunken Rabbit 2.” That “short” played out exactly as depicted here. It’s terrible, but I find it kind of funny that Religion class is where I not only created Jacquo, but where I continued to develop the character and the shorts. This storyboard sequence could have been in a Science notebook for all I know, but somehow it ended up in this very Religion one days, maybe months later (it’s not dated).

I was likely going through some sort of rebellious period here. Thinking back on it, I didn’t particularly like my teacher for this class and I dreaded school on top of that. I actually had her the following year for Algebra 2 I believe (or some sort of Math) in which I continued to draw pictures all through class. She thought that moving me to the front of the room would solve my problem. Not so as I continued to draw right in front of her face (I guess that IS pretty rude). I can vividly remember her calling me out in front of the entire class while I was drawing what I thought was a sweet picture of Qui Gon Jinn from Star Wars Episode 1. She made me look like a fool and told me maybe I’d actually be doing well in class if I stopped drawing and paid attention. I looked at her and said nothing thinking about nothing more than finishing this drawing before the bell rang. When she stopped, I looked down and went right back to drawing. I sure showed her! But then she sure showed me when I actually failed the class. I willingly failed it though, I handed back several tests where I only signed my name at the top and didn’t fill in a single answer. Maybe I was a prick.

I guess there’s a bit of me in Jacquo after all.

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