New Podcast: Shamoozal’s Game Club


Phil and I have been hinting around about a new game related podcast here at Shamoozal for a pretty long time. Doing the Born Again Casual podcast was always a lot of fun and I’ve regretted that we had to stop doing it. Our personal schedules over the past year and half have made it really difficult to coordinate something, but things have started to settle down for both of us. When we started talking about doing another game podcast we both agreed that it had to be an idea worth doing. BAC was a cool format, but it was kind of a pain in the ass to pull off every week with all the video capture, live streaming and keeping the topics fresh. We knew that if we were going to start a new podcast that it had to be something different.

One of the most important things about BAC to us was that it relied on involving the audience and that’s something we definitely want to continue. Another thing that has been missing from Shamoozal for a long time was our scheduled Game Nights and its our hope that this new podcast helps to rectify that on some level.

So without further ado, we’d like to announce our new Podcast Shamoozal’s Game Club. The podcast will essentially be like a book club for classic and retro games. A poll will be posted in our forums with 2-3 games. We’ll ask our audience to vote on the game they want to play for that cycle. After a couple days (TBD) we’ll close the poll and lock in the game.

Over the next week to week and a half, we (Me, Phil, you guys/gals) will play through the game and collect our thoughts. We’d love it if the audience would offer opinions via the forums or Twitter. Then on Tuesday nights (bi-weekly) we’ll record the podcast, discuss the game and include some comments from you all as well. The podcast will be edited and released by Thursday.

After the podcast is out we’ll post a new Poll and the cycle starts again.

Now while this will be a large portion of the podcast, we’ll also be sure to hit some Game News Headlines and offer some editorials on them. We’re also going to feature Game Music and Chip-tunes on the show, spotlighting new artists as well as music from the game we’re discussing on that episode. There has also been discussions about getting some guests on the show with us from time to time to take part in the fun.

So right now the plan is to record our first episode on Tuesday June 28th. We’re going to have a poll in the Podcast Forums for the first game. Right now it’s between Rayman and Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. Head on over and cast your vote!

We’re going to stick to games that are available through various digital distribution methods and cost no more than $9.99. In most cases we’re going to try to stay even lower than that. Your participation is optional, but we’re really hoping to build a great ongoing community event out of this… something that has room to grow.

We’re excited about this, we hope you are too!

I guess I should write about something

Wait, what? I run a website? Yeah, sorry that I haven’t really been around folks, and I can’t say I have a good reason either.

It’s been way too long since I’ve written a Nerdlog post and it’s been even longer since I sat down to work on the short. I worked really hard on that thing for about a month and a half and after getting through the shot I was working on I took a short break that ended up becoming an even longer break. Before I knew it, a whole month had gone by since I did any sort of work on the short. So it was a combination of being partly lazy and partly burning myself out. The burning myself out on doing work sort of just slipped into laziness. My plan was to get back into the swing of things this week, but that just isn’t looking very likely at the moment. Perhaps next week will be a fresh start and I’ll be able to move along with the Contra short.

As always I have “plans” for this site, but they don’t always pan out do they? Steve and I have been talking about starting up some form of Born Again Casual again, which was our weekly live podcast about video games. It may not be weekly, it won’t be live and it certainly won’t be called Born Again Casual, but right now we’re in the process of just trying to come up with something different. The last thing I want to do is start up the podcast and do a “Whatcha Been Playin” segment followed up by some news. I mean really, type in some random URL that includes a common game term and it’ll probably bring you to some site that has a podcast that does that sort of show. To shy away from that on our old format, Steve and I would present gaming related questions to each other and try to debate them. Still, I want to do something different even from that. It’s especially hard for me personally because I’ve fallen out of following new releases like I used to. I barely get to play games like I used to, and it’s rare I’ll plunk down the cash on brand new titles these days. I’m really out of the loop, especially since my taste in games doesn’t seem to follow the same taste in games that most people have. I’d say my taste is eccentric, but it’s probably more rooted in me getting older and sticking with the stuff I liked when I was younger (err uhh 2D Platformers). So yeah, we need to come up with a unique slant before seriously moving forward with that.

I’ve also said this before too, but I really want to start making some short little vlog type videos. Simple things in place of the normal Nerdlog posts just to offer something more to you guys. Again, plenty of ideas, but executing them is always the issue. Maybe I’ll be motivated enough to put one together sometime before the weekend, who knows. I just have this issue with showing my own face and like talking directly into a camera, so I’ll probably try and steer away from that.

So again, thanks for sticking with us through our slow times. I’ll try and get back into the habit of updating the blog more (I always feel shame when the last few entries are John’s movie posts) and get back on track with the short. Maybe ROM Vol 2 will actually be finished, you know, by the end of the year or something. Ha.

Movie Info of the Week (June 13-17 2011)


My DVD/Blu-Ray Pick
Hall Pass

Hall Pass – the Farrelly Brothers are really hit or miss. They put out a lot of comedies and they’re never completely loved by the masses. Well they did put out one of the greatest comedies of all time in Dumb & Dumber, so I can’t really say they’re NEVER loved. In more recent times they haven’t had much luck. Anyway, Hall Pass takes a simple premise like two women giving their husbands a week off from marriage to do whatever they want. The two guys (Owen Wilson & Jason Sudeikis) are total nerds but think they’re hot shit. They imagine themselves getting girls left and right but actually have a lot of trouble. Some things worked in the movie and some things didn’t, but it still brought the laughter. It had some cliche moments as you would expect, but not overly done until the end. I still love checking out the raunchiness of the Farrellys and will continue to see their movies (well I’m not too happy about The Three Stooges). At least we got a Fake Chow scene that had me dying. You have to see it to understand.

My Theater Pick
Green Lantern

Green Lantern – I’ll come right out and say it. I have no interest in seeing Green Lantern. But if someone held a gun to my head and said pick one new release to see this weekend, I would have to pick it. At least out of curiosity to see if they can pull it off. Ryan Reynolds takes another superhero role, this time as a human being chosen by an elite group of world protectors to join their crew. He takes some time getting used to his new found powers, while an evil force is brewing on Earth. The first trailer looked overly cheesy with too much comedy, then they tried to drown that stuff out with a more serious trailer filled with tons of CGI action. But you know Reynolds will be doing his usual shtick. Could this be the surprise of the year like Iron Man in 2008? Thor was supposed to be but I disagree. Lets say I hope its good, but my expectations are very low.

Box Office Results
Super 8

Super 8 took the #1 spot but didn’t exactly blow away the box office. It was the lowest weekend total of any summer movie box office winner this year, bringing in $37 million. I would say that isn’t too bad since the cast is a bunch of unknowns for the most part, and people weren’t really sure what the movie was about. JJ Abrams did a great job of keeping it under wraps. Hopefully word of mouth spreads and it stays in the Top 10 for a while making some bucks.

Also coming out in stores this week is Battle: Los Angeles, Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son, Kill the Irishman, Jackass 3.5 and Red Riding Hood.

Also coming out in theaters is Mr. Popper’s Penguins starring Jim Carrey and a bunch of CGI penguins.

Music Monday – The Damned Things “We’ve Got A Situation Here”


Steve, I apologize for taking your baby but you haven’t done one in a couple months and I was missing it. I was getting sick of just seeing my movie updates dominate the main page of the Shamoozal. Anyway, The Damned Things are somewhat of a supergroup. Keith Buckley (vocals) and Josh Newton (bass) are from heavy metal band Every Time I Die. Joe Trohman (guitar) and Andy Hurley (drums) are from rock band Fall Out Boy. Scott Ian (guitar) and Rob Caggiano (guitar) are from the old school heavy metal band Anthrax. Six dudes, three of them playing guitar. That is a whole lot of sound. While I wasn’t crazy about their album, I do like a few songs by these guys. The one I posted above had an official video that was about them becoming rocking superhero crime fighters and I thought it was a pretty original idea. But I’ll also add one more that I like after the jump. Enjoy! And Steve feel free to take this weekly update back next week if you feel up to it.

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Movie Info of the Week (June 6-10 2011)


My DVD/Blu-Ray Pick
True Grit

True Grit – I love me some Coen Brothers. And I love me some Jeff Bridges. Their past collaboration created my favorite movie of all time, The Big Lebowski. And now they have put Bridges into another classic role. In this remake of the John Wayne film, Bridges plays Rooster Cogburn, who is hired by a little girl out for revenge. Her father was murdered and the killer is on the loose. She’s all business while Cogburn is a run down drunkard. Matt Damon and Josh Brolin also have roles. Its a pretty awesome Western and one of my favorite movies from last year. It combines comedy, action, and drama nicely. I haven’t seen it since the theater and I’m anxious to give it another watch.

My Theater Pick
Super 8

Super 8 – this is one of my most anticipated movies of the year, and definitely my most anticipated of the summer. JJ Abrams had an idea for a coming of age story about some kids filming a movie on their Super 8 camera. He also had an idea for a movie about a monster attacking a small town. Steven Spielberg joined him as executive producer and the idea was born to merge the two into one movie. Super 8 deals with a group of kids who witness a government train crash that unleashes some kind of beast. While the government tries to clean it up and hide it from the public, the kids and some townsfolk know the truth. Looks like E.T. meets Cloverfield and that is something I just HAVE to see. Not many well known faces in the flick which could hurt it in the end, but thats the best way to create movies like this. I am pumped!!

Box Office Results
X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class surprised no one by taking the #1 spot and earning $56 million this past weekend. The surprise was $56 million was kind of way below what they were expecting. Awesome reviews don’t always make every person out there want to see it. It was one of the lower earning Marvel movies of recent times. And its tough to stick around the top with new summer blockbusters coming out every weekend for the next couple months.

Also coming out in stores this week is Sanctum, Rubber, Just Go With It, The Company Men and Breaking Bad Season 3.

Also coming out in theaters is Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer.

Movie Info of the Week (May 30-June 3 2011)


My DVD/Blu-Ray Pick
Drive Angry

Drive Angry – somehow Nicolas Cage keeps ending up in the Movie Info of the Week posts. Every time one of his movies comes out, there’s nothing else to choose from. So once again, King Cage wins. This movie just looks absolutely ridiculous and over the top, which I guess is Cage’s thing these days. He dies but escapes from Hell, with terrible hair yet again, and tries to hunt down the people that killed his daughter. But Hell is also trying to get him back. The hot ass Amber Heard joins in just to give us something nice to look at, which is very much appreciated in what I’m sure is an absurd film. It was filmed in 3D but that doesn’t matter now unless you have one of those fancy 3D TVs. I might actually watch this just to laugh. Can you believe Nicolas Cage actually won an Oscar at one point in his career?

My Theater Pick
X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class – did you ever wonder how Professor X and Magneto started their rivalry? Or how the famous mutant school started? Well in this prequel to the previous X-Men films, we find out. James McAvoy is Charles Xavier and Michael Fassbender is Erik Lehnsherr, the young mutants who eventually become Professor X and Magneto. They have differing opinions but are still colleagues and bring other young mutants together to harness their powers. We get a look at young Mystique, Beast, Banshee, Havok and many more. Kevin Bacon and January Jones are the villians Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost. It is directed by Matthew Vaughn who did the totally radical Kick-Ass last year. So I expect big things from this flick.

Box Office Results
The Hangover Part II

The Hangover Part II broke all kinds of records over the holiday weekend. Even though it was getting shitty reviews, it had the biggest opening ever for a live action comedy and the biggest opening ever for an R-rated comedy with almost $86 million. It even beat out Kung Fu Panda 2 which only brought in $47 million. The animated films usually do better but the adults beat out the kids this past weekend.

Also coming out in stores this week is Biutiful and Passion Play.

Taming the Wire Box

Wire Box Organized

Wire Box Organized

I hate my wire box. I dread when I have to go into that thing and look for something I might actually need, be it a USB cable or some random AC adapter. It doesn’t matter how many times I sort through it and attempt to organize everything (which is rare actually) because the moment I have to look for something all of my work becomes undone. Before I know it I have a giant knot of spaghetti wires which enrages me to no end. In fact, I actually took a picture of it a few weeks ago (pictured below) because I was going to write a post bitching about it, but I never got around to it because it didn’t really have a good ending other than me just saying I hated my wire box.

In steps my pal Randy from with a Facebook status update telling people a brilliant and simple solution to the wire box – put everything in sandwich bags (pictured above). Hooray! Through all of my frustration I don’t know how this never crossed my mind. I ended up spending about an hour tonight untangling all of the wires, weeding out wires I don’t need anymore and things that don’t really belong in there (like a Virtual Boy and PS1 controller), swiping clean all the dog hair from the basket and finally placing everything into its own individual sandwich bag. The best part is that it works because I needed to test my newly sorted wire box as soon as I finished with it. I realized one of the parts I threw back into the box was an anchor for my HDTV (which I need to install now with the girls learning how to climb up to the TV) and I was able to find it rather quickly. Thank the heavens.

So I figured I should pass this tip onto everyone else, because damn it, it deserves it’s own post and more than a mere tweet. Thanks again Randy.

Wire Knot

Shamoozal Radio Podcast #37 – Judgment Day Brokedance


I had a bunch of text written for this and somehow I ended up erasing it before posting it! I don’t really get what I did there, but I did it. Anyway, it’s been a long while since we had a podcast. The gang got together last weekend and we put together this episode which features our yearly Summer Movie Preview (in which we sort of hate on most of the choices this year), play a game about surviving what was supposed to be a post apocalyptic world, and in our Final Thoughts hit topics like the death of Macho Man Randy Savage, LA Noire, and the cancellation of such great shows like The Event.

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