One Step Forward, Two Steps Back… or something

nester isnt happy

nester isnt happy

Well I’ve officially started working on ROM Vol 2 again and hopefully I’ll be able to keep a steady pace now. I’ve spent the last week or so trying to condition myself into staying up later than normal which so far hasn’t killed me, so that’s good.

I say I’m working on “Vol 2″ because I’m actually already in the process of creating the package that will tie the four episodes together. When I was doing the shorts for Vol 1, I knew I always wanted to combine them, but I was never aware of just HOW I should do it until I sat down and thought about how the four shorts could possibly link together. With Vol 2 I’m thinking ahead and have already pieced together exactly how this thing is going to tick. As a result, I have more work done on this than on the actual shorts, which is kind of strange but will make sense when you actually see it. I’ve also gotten permission to use some really great music for it too, so I’m pretty pumped about that.

So the bad news. I was looking at what I had created for Howard & Nester & Metroid a few nights ago. I looked through my final drawings and skimmed through the storyboard sequence. It’s kind of nice getting perspective on things after a few months. I found myself extremely unhappy with most of the drawings, and in rereading the script I found that it was not only too long but also lacked an ending that actually worked well. I’ve decided to scrap everything I’ve done so far (so the above image will not appear in the short), rewrote the script and have rethought how this entire thing is going to work. I’m still going for a motion comic look with this one, but I think I’ve given it more personality. This is actually the third time I’ve rewritten this short, and in looking at the amount of “panels” (or shots) I’ve gone from 17 to 13 and finally settled on 11. It’s hard trying to picture how everything is going to move around in your head while writing drafts, but I think this is the best take on it that I’ve come up with. I just hope I can pull it off.

So yeah, flipping sucks turds that I’m starting from just about nothing, but I know it’s was the right call to make. The time between working on it also allowed me to contact Rinry of GoNintendo/BlisteredThumbs fame to lend her talents to a handful of lines. This is the first time I’ve ever worked with someone outside of people I know personally to do voice work for one of my shorts. I’m looking forward to seeing how this thing all comes together.

Anyway, yeah. There you have it!

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