Mario Maker level featured on Game Grumps

A few weeks ago Vernon Shaw tweeted that he was looking for some Super Mario Maker courses to use for Game Grumps so I submitted my level Bob-omb’s Blast Barrage and it turns out they ended up using it for the show (my level starts at around the 6:25 mark)! I actually wrote about the creative process for this level in a blog post on my current employer’s blog a few months ago. Since then this level has gone through even further updates as Super Mario Maker added more features. I had fun watching them play the level and making discoveries about how it worked. I especially got a smile out of Arin claiming one of the later tasks to be “pretty cool.” After 100 episodes of playing Mario Maker levels you would think they have seen it at, so it was a nice subtle compliment.

So I thought this was a nice surprise worth sharing, and Arin’s kind words about the work I (we’ve) done through the years was (and is) very uplifting.

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