Man-Bot Update


Hey everyone. Just dropping in with an update on the new Man-Bot short. So far, the storyboard is complete as well as the animatic. For those who don’t know, an animatic is basically the storyboard timed out shot-by-shot how long I want the short to last for. It basically is providing the skeleton on which the entire short will hang, and gives me a starting point when I go to into animation production.

I have his voice tracks already done and laid into the Flash file. As of right now, the new short will run about 2 minutes long and that’s without the opening titles. That’s still subject to change though as I’m not 100% sure about the timing just yet…maybe about 95% sure hah.

Without giving anything away, I cut out the panel between these two. Clearly, Man-Bot is reacting horribly to…something? Stay tuned to find out what!


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