I’m talkin’ about the beat goes on, YEAH! The beat goes on….

Nester gives Samus the point

Time distortion. Space is the place. Going down that lonesome highway… but the beat goes on.

At least, that’s how I feel right now. I’ve mentioned before how I’ve scraped what I did so far with Howard & Nester & Metroid, and tonight I “finished” my first redone shot. I use finish in quotes because it’s not nearly finished, there are still a few more drawings that go along with it and of course it needs to be timed out properly to dialogue. So yeah, it’s not nearly finished at all! But the beat goes on.

Last night when I started this shot I had another struggle that is likely the reason I’m not happy with the artwork I already created. In fact, when I pulled up the image I previously did, I was actually trying to trick myself into thinking it would be okay to use that art again. I seriously almost tricked myself, but something just didn’t feel right about it. So I looked at it for a while to try and figure out what I thought wasn’t working.

Nester is upset with Samus

The issue, I found, is that I was too interested in preserving the original look of the characters from the early Nintendo Power comics. Instead of having fun with the characters, I posed them rather plainly and used the old comics not only as a point of reference, but essentially redrawing some of the shots from them. I was being maybe a little too true to the source material. These images needed a little more “me” in them, so I ended up belting out a bunch of Nester gesture drawings in order to get into my OWN groove, and I think it helped me. I was so stuck on making it look like the old stuff that it never came into its own. Though, the result isn’t too original and it’s telling that I’ve probably been playing a bit too much Miles Edgeworth as of late, but that’s part of the fun here.

Nester gives Samus the point

Most people would probably look at the two images together and think I’m making a big deal out of nothing. Just know I’m happier with the second one and that should be good enough! HA! Samus by the way, is based on her appearance in the original manual for the NES game. Considering the idea behind this is that it was supposed to be made during the days when NES Metroid was new, I felt that designing her around that look would be fitting. Plus, I think the more cartoony Samus fits in better with Howard and Nester’s designs.

Original Samus Designs

Also, I really wish I was better at inking stuff. Though I’m not too sure I could actually ever be good at inking anything because my hand is just too damn shaky. I find that when I draw I can only make good figures the faster and quicker I made my strokes, which is probably how it is for most people. Yet when I go back to ink those lines they always look like garbage, things aren’t much better here but I’ve tried to allow myself a bit more freedom by letting things be a little messier.

It’s kind of amazing that when I planned this short I decided to do it this way in an effort to cut down on my work load while I adjusted to life with the babies. Yet here I am finding myself once again saying “There is never an easy way out.”

But the beat goes on.

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