Harry Potter The 1980s Anime is out!

Hard to believe it’s been almost four months since Star Wars Anime released, and now it’s Harry Potter’s turn for the 1980’s anime treatment. With this one I went in, what I think, a completely different direction than Star Wars. I think it’s still plenty ridiculous, but at the same time, I kind of wanted to make it cool, like something someone would really want to watch. It is based heavily off Akira, and I try to cram in a lot of the big Harry Potter moments into a minute and a half that I possibly can.

The animation is still super limited, but I tried to up the art as compared to Star Wars. Some of the backgrounds took several nights to complete and overall I just wanted to have nicer than average drawings since I knew they wouldn’t be moving too much.

Joe’s audio is really cool I think. He never saw Akira before, so when we recorded the lines for it, I had him listen to a few tracks from the Akira soundtrack. I think he did a great job mixing the sort of sounds you’d hear from that OST into familiar Harry Potter melodies. It complimented the mood of the short exactly how I had hoped it would.

I’m not sure if Star Wars started a trend or I was just unoriginal, but ever since it came out I’ve seen a lot of different shorts that have purposely bad animation along with a VHS style motif. So I decided to go Laser Disc on this one, and gave the footage film grain instead. My goal is to try and come up with different ways of presenting the shorts. I’m sure I’ll run out of ideas quickly. Hah.

Also, I’m a little sad that the thumbnail spoils the ending, but what can ya do?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it. Now onto the next one!

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