Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a pretty solid year for Shamoozal, especially in the final days of 2012. Before I continue, I whipped up the video above today to showcase the version of the Fairy’s Theme from Link’s Triumph that Joe had wrote. There were a fair amount of requests to hear the whole thing, so I decided to put this together. I’ve included some conceptual art and early animation to go along with the music.

Anyway, these last few days have been pretty crazy. I can’t really put into words how it feels to see Link’s Triumph featured on so many large media outlets. Seeing the short grace sites like Kotaku, ScrewAttack, Destructoid, MTV, and GameInformer is pretty surreal. I’ve had a touch of that when ‘How to Hook Up the NES’ first launched, but never at this scale.

What I really like about this short is the trickle down effect that is happening with some of my earlier shorts. I’ve explained before how I was extremely let down by the performance of ‘Take a Key for Coming In’ but it’s experiencing a slight come back thanks to ‘Link’s Triumph.’ It is still by far the lowest viewed episode of Read Only Memory, but at least it’s starting to catch up to the others. The Shamoozal YouTube channel has also seen it’s subscribers almost double since last Thursday. It’s been a heck of a week to say the least. Of course there is still plenty of room to grow, but this feels like a step in the right direction.

Speaking of YouTube, I spent this year really trying to grow that channel. Starting with ‘Contra with 2 Players’ back in April I’ve actually managed to create 14 videos for the channel. Considering I had no new videos for an entire year, I’d say that’s pretty good. I think I’ve done a fairly good job coming up with supplemental videos in between the shorts like ‘This is the Part Where I Draw’ and the Postmortem videos to where I hope I’m engaging at least a few people.

We’ve been doing this Shamoozal thing for a very long time now. It has always been an extremely slow burn for us. 2012 saw a very big restructuring in the way I’m trying to get things done around here and I feel like I’m finally, FINALLY starting to see some of the benefits.

So what does 2013 hold for Shamoozal? I can’t really say for sure. Do know that ROM Vol. 2 will be coming in the next month or so. If not by the end of this month than by February for certain. As for what project I’m working on after that? I don’t know. I want to do something new. People will want me to make more video game cartoons and you know, maybe I will, I can’t say no for sure, but I do know it’s time to branch out again. I miss doing our own original work. I want to create something new. Whether or not it’s just some one off cartoon and I come up with some entire series is up in the air. I have one idea I’ve been kicking around for years now and it’s starting to look like the right time to jump into it. I can’t promise the output of videos/cartoons for 2013. I might end up with 1 cartoon for the entire year, I just don’t know. I just know I’m over 30 now. I can’t be sitting around making video game parodies all day. Right?

Regardless of what happens at least 2013 is starting off on the right foot. The trick is to just keep busy and to not give up. Working really is the key and it always will be. There have been times where I’ve wanted to veg out and play a video game all night and I didn’t. I shrugged it off and worked. There were nights where I was invited to go out and be social and I didn’t leave the house. I just kept on working. Of course sometimes I need those breaks and take them so I don’t burn out, but I always need to press on with this stuff. Hopefully I keep that mentality and 2013 proves to be even bigger than 2012.

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