Frank’s Animation Channel: Toon Boom Tutorials & Sketches

My brother Frank was a huge part of Shamoozal back when we were doing our thing. He’s the reason Crapfest Force and How to Hook up the NES turned out really nice. He did tons of work on the GFGames series. Lots of people think all that stuff was me but there were times when Frank was doing possibly even more animation work on Shamoozal than I was. We were juggling lots of stuff at that point, like running the blog, the message boards, a podcast and god knows what else. It was crazy!

Anyway, for the last few months Frank has been putting some time into his YouTube channel simply titled Frank Summers Animation. There you can find his reels and other highlights of his professional work. However he usually updates it with some sketches that he does live called Wednesday Lunch Live and has even recently started to add Toon Boom tutorials.

I see lots of fellow animators on Twitter complaining about their transition from Flash to Toon Boom. I have yet to do that leap myself, but Frank’s goal here is to mainly have a series that helps seasoned Flash animators wrap their heads around the differences between Flash and Toon Boom. I can only imagine the headaches involves transitioning from something that has been used for over a decade with something so different. Frank swears by Toon Boom, and considering how Adobe has been treating Flash over the years, him and many others have made the switch.

The Wednesday Live Lunches are great because Frank goes in pretty deep about character design and the choices he makes for those designs. So go ahead and give them a try.

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