First Look at ROM#6: Howard & Nester & Metroid

Howard & Nester & Metroid

Considering ROM#6 should ideally be released within the next few days (it’s a long ways off, trust me) I thought it would be nice to instead share a bit of behind the scenes stuff on the short in the meantime. Above you’ll see the first nearly finished “panel” for our next short titled Howard & Nester & Metroid. I say panel because instead of taking the traditional animation route with this next one, I’m going for more of a motion comic.

When I had the idea of doing a Howard and Nester inspired short my first thought was that it would obviously be handled in the way I did the other shorts. As I did research on H&N (meaning, reading every comic featured in Nintendo Power) the more I wanted to stay true to H&N’s roots. I really wanted to nail down the look and feel of the original comics (before another artist took over for Nester Adventures after Howard Phillips left Nintendo) so doing it the regular way just wouldn’t have worked. Instead, I settled for the motion comic idea so that I could more accurately mimic the source material. After lots of experimenting, I think I’m about as close as I can get to the original look.

Howard & Nester
A few panels from the first Howard and Nester comic.

Outside of making it look legit, I also want it to follow the basic H&N premise. In each issue of the comic, headstrong Nester always attempts to do things his own way, but he always needs the help of the always right Howard to get through the situation. Also, the original purpose of the H&N comics wasn’t just to entertain, but also include a tip on the game they were covering. I’m hoping in my script I captured that formula, but also put my own spin on the characters and story that make it fit in with the ROM series. Hopefully I’ll be able to share it soon!

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