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Happy New Year – Thoughts and Resolutions


Another year in Shamoozal history is down in the books. I think we had a fairly decent year all things considered, and having reread my thoughts from a year ago, I think we had a more fulfilling year for the site. Maybe I shouldn’t say the “site” but the brand.

Lately I’ve been thinking about Shamoozal as more of a brand and not a website. I spent a lot of time asking myself this year what Shamoozal is. Are we a website? A blog? Animation group? What are we? We were founded on the idea of cartoons, and the series of cartoons were called “Shamoozal” but the name has now transcended the cartoons and we’ve branched out to so many different areas. So what is Shamoozal? I think I came up with a good answer in our About Us page I typed up a few months back; we’re Shamoozal, and we make cartoons.

So we make cartoons, what exactly is everything else? It’s for the people that really like those cartoons, for the people that want to know more about the group that makes it tick. So the Nerdlog is here to show our interests and for us to present whatever we’d like to talk about, while the podcast acts as a way for us to be more personal with our audience, and of course our forums are here so we can all interact with each other. All of these things come together to support our cause, which is making cartoons. Though that sort of brings us to another point… where are the cartoons?

I’m tired of making excuses and by this point people know the drill, they’re done when they’re done. Shamoozal is a labor of love so things come as they happen. Rereading my ’09 thoughts, the only cartoon we had to show was “How to Hook up the NES.” I’m glad that this year I can say that I’ve brought five different shorts (though I’m cheating a bit with that fifth one). Sure, combined they are the length of NES, but I’m glad that for close to half a year I was able to bring you guys monthly shorts. I had never done that before since launching the site, so for me personally it was pretty fulfilling. I’m of course talking about Read Only Memory, which were mainly created for the audience but that relationship helped full my desire to get this stuff done. I always worked better under pressure, and though Kevin over there never pressured me, I gave myself the monthly deadlines.

I’m sad that I couldn’t get Vol 2 wrapped up before the years end as I had planned. It really is a bummer but when my two girls were born my life was literally thrown upside down. I expected it to change everything, but not in the way that it had. However, things are turning around with their schedules and I fully expect to be back at work on Vol 2 in the near future. I’m part way through the first episode of the volume, though I haven’t touched it in months. I imagine I may actually start the episode over again from scratch. I still have what I think is a fun idea to tie the shorts together and I can’t wait to have Vol 2 ready to go.

After Vol 2, I’m taking a break from the video game shorts. I still have a really good GFGames idea that I’ve been kicking around for over a year now, but that new Frankensteiner is going to be the next big one. I don’t care if it takes me until the end of 2011, I’m getting that short done.

Aside from the shorts, I think we had another really good year of Shamoozal Radio. I said it last year and I’ll say it again, SRP is one of the best things we offer here. I really wish our download counts were higher than they are, or that our live stream audience was bigger. If you noticed I’ve been selecting a segment from recent episodes and putting them onto our YouTube page, I’m hoping this will help more people find SRP and listen to it. The numbers on those videos haven’t been great, but I don’t think they’re for nothing. Hopefully little efforts like this will at least spread some sort of awareness.

Anyway, I’m going on for too long now. 2010 will go down as a really stellar year for us. It started out with my trek to MAGFest, was interviewed on several different podcasts, we did some great SRP episodes, we produced a fair amount of shorts that even won them some acclaim on different sites, and refreshed our entire site by the end of the year. All told, I really can’t complain.

Also, a special shout out to JohnnyManf who has somehow single handedly kept the Nerdlog afloat with his movie updates. I always feel really bad when weeks go by without writing anything and there is John, the only one updating the Nerdlog. I’ll try to do at least one new post a week, even if it’s something as stupid as writing about Voldemort’s fingers. Though really, thanks to Frank, Steve, Joe and Jim as well for everything else they’ve contributed to making Shamoozal what it is. Every amount of effort from them always goes a long way.

So my resolutions for this place? Create ROM Vol. 2, Frankensteiner Amazing (we’ll call it that for now), keep doing great podcasts and hopefully find more ways to bring you guys fun and/or interesting content, and hopefully a once a week update on the Nerdlog from yours truly. I’m thinking those goals should be obtainable.

Thanks everyone for following us and supporting us. Have a great 2011!

Shamoozal Radio Podcast #35 – It’s a Pure Sex Christmas


Just in time for Christmas it’s our annual Holiday Podcast! After a Zobek filled introduction, the crew talks about their favorite Christmas moments to get into the holiday spirit. Though there are probably more stories about my Dad than actual Christmas memories, sorry about that folks. Afterward we move onto our Shocker News segment with such amazing stories about a dude that made a pot Christmas tree, an Xbox thief, and a guy that got caught choking the chicken in the WalMart toy isle. We hit a bit of Shamoozal news and talk about the delay of the new Nerdlog, and the future of the shorts. Finally, a bunch of final thoughts from the crew, mostly Christmas related.

Also, big thanks to Joe on getting this done before Christmas. In addition to his recording, he works full time, goes to school part time, and is also a Dad, so he’s really busy these days. With that, enjoy the show.

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LIVE! Shamoozal Radio Podcast #35 (Dec 11th, 2010)

UPDATE: Going live any minute now!

What’s that? You miss hearing a room full of dudes just talking about stuff that only dudes can understand? Well, you’re in luck! Tonight at 8:30PM EST come on out and join us as we record our 35th podcast. You can even go into a chat room and say hi us, and potentially be on the show itself. It’s kind of magical when you think about it. I mean, where else can you go and hear some dudes just dude it up as they get progressively drunker and more drunker as the night goes on? No where! So that’s why you should come out and listen to tonight. Bring your friends. Bring your enemies. And if you miss it tonight don’t worry, because we’ll have it ready for your downloading pleasures before you know it. It’s going to be a heck of a time, dude.

Shamoozal Radio Podcast #34 – Fed Up With This World


After an whole summer hiatus Shamoozal Radio is back! The episode begins with a batch of Shocker News including the UN’s new Alien Ambassador, and a Father and Son’s awful scheme to make big bucks in prison. Joe brings us a new game called Baby Bites where we need to guess the words that Joe’s baby girl is saying. That brings us to Shamoozal news which offers a few hints into ROM Vol. 2 and leads us into a bit about Out Sourcing material. Finally we end with a batch of final thoughts ranging from inconsiderate people to SOS Wheeljack. All this and more in Shamoozal Radio Podcast #34! Be sure to drop in on the forums to discuss this episode!

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*BUMPED* Shamoozal Radio Returns this Saturday

Shamoozal Radio Returns

The Shamoozal Radio Podcast was on hold nearly all summer long, but this Fall marks the great return of SRP! Will we be doing SRP on a monthly basis like we used to? I can’t say for sure, but lets be glad that the gang is getting back together to record another show. As always, we’ll be doing it live this Saturday night and you’ll be able to catch the video and chat feed right here on the main page. We’re hopefully going to start around 9PM EST and we’d love to see some of you guys out there. Considering it’s been ages since we did one of these, I’m expecting the turnout to be like… uhh… five people. That’s okay though because the MP3 of the show will be available a few days later for download.

It’s been so long that we’re bound to have lots to talk about. Join us for Shamoozal updates, ridiculous news stories and most likely a new game. Hooray.

In over my head

Well I have no idea how I’m possibly going to get ROM#6 (tentatively titled Howard & Nester & Metroid) finished by the 25th. The 25th of the month is always the “due” date I give myself for the ROM shorts. I’m usually a day or two early or late, but it’s generally around the 25th of the month when I wrap one up. That said, yeah, no idea how I’m going to pull this thing together in less than 10 days. I have the whole short written and basically finished boarding, but that’s about it. It isn’t an animation heavy short, so once I can finally get some time in to work on it I think it’ll probably go rather smoothly. That’s the issue though, I simply don’t have time. It’s getting to the point where I think I’m just going to have to figure out a way to work while I’m holding one of the babies. I’m seriously thinking about just throwing one of them into the Baby Bjorn while I try and get the short done.

Since work on the short has essentially come to a hault, I’ve been trying to fill in my downtime with other site related stuff. I’ve tinkered with trying to properly optimize the site for SEO and all that jazz in the past, but this week I really managed to get in there and do a lot of stuff with the back end of the site. You may have noticed some minor changes around here such as link colors changing, the new menu navigation, and such. Considering I don’t know much in the way of CSS and HTML, it’s been lots of trial and error for me. Something that would take a CSS pro only a few minutes usually takes me hours. I’ve also been reading some books about this sort of stuff on my wife’s Kindle (which is awesome BTW). I know this is boring stuff that does nothing to entertain you guys, but I’m just letting you know that even when it seems like I’m not working I actually probably am working.

We haven’t had a Shamoozal Radio in ages huh? We’ll have to arrange something and get the gang back together. It’s been what, like 4 months? That’s way too long for there not to be a new episode of SRP. It might be our longest hiatus ever! I was actually close to just recording a one man SRP the other night just to have something to put up there but I decided against it.

Also, it’s getting to the time of year where I’d normally start trying to figure things out for our NES Holiday Marathon. Well, we’re not having one this year, I’ve already decided that a while ago. I simply can’t do it. That said, I still want to do some sort of charity work for the holidays, and I actually do have a plan I’m kicking around. I probably won’t go through with it though if certain pieces don’t fall into place however, so you’ll only hear about it again if it’s actually happening.

Oh and I’ve completely given up on the idea of having Frankensteiner 4 finished by Halloween. It’s just not going to happen. I thought I’d have time in between ROM shorts to get it finished, but considering I don’t even have time to do ROM, well there is just no way to do the short I want to make. In all likely hood, I won’t be able to start this project until January of February of 2011. I really want to make this short and I still feel good about the idea behind it all this time later. I’ve basically had this short planned since April, so I really want to get started on it. Maybe after that point we can revisit Grey and Jacquo… eh… maybe. We can at least revisit Jacquo anyway.


Busy times are busy!

I haven’t had a chance to update the site in over a week because the wife and I had our twins last Thursday. Needless to say, I’ve been super busy and whenever I had some down time I spent it relaxing or sleeping. Anyway, things are still a little crazy, but I haven’t forgotten about the site.

We haven’t had a new episode of Shamoozal Radio since June, and we were close to putting together a rather impromptu podcast last Saturday, but with all the baby stuff happening only two days before that we had to cancel it. I really do want to get a podcast up though, I almost thought about just doing one myself with some updates but I figured this blog post would be enough. I can’t tell you exactly when we’ll do another SRP, but we’ll get one to you sooner than later (or so I hope).

Then there is ROM. Hopefully I’ll be able to find the time to put together the compilation episode by the end of the month. My plan here is to string together the first four ROM shorts and spread it around to more sites other than just hosting it on YouTube. For me it’s sort of a “moment of truth” type thing. I’m very curious to see how people outside of GoNintendo and Shamoozal react to these shorts, and at the same time I wonder if bundling them together will hurt them or help them in the long run. I’m hoping my Mr. Show inspired idea to blend the shorts together pays off. I made some boards the other day to plan out how I’m going to bridge them together, and I’m hoping it works out well. I did think about putting Pizza Links up on Newgrounds, but ultimately decided to wait for the compilation.

Speaking of which, Pizza Links has gone on to become the most popular ROM video yet. On YouTube, it’s our second most watched video behind How to Hook Up the NES. Though that isn’t saying a heck of a lot as Pizza Links only has 5,000 views compared to NES’s 87K. But I’m looking at our trends and each month I’m seeing a steady increase in viewers across the board with our videos, so things are looking up. It’s a different beast to tackle when trying to build awareness outside of the normal sites I frequent like Newgrounds.

If all goes well, the compilation will be ready in a few weeks. Frank plans on doing his own ROM episode which I’m hoping will be ready for September. During that time, I really want to get the Frankensteiner project off the ground. While this idea was created with the idea of making a new series out of it, I’m going to let the audience decide if it should just be a one off or something we continue to develop. I’m pretty excited about it and really look forward to working on it soon.

So there you have it, just a quick update on things. Thanks for reading!

Radio Free Gamer Interview about Read Only Memory

I recently sat down with Justin from the Radio Free Gamer podcast to talk about Read Only Memory. I’ve included a portion of the interview that goes into how the series came about, what old video game cartoons inspired me from the past and why I sort of still like the Zelda cartoon. If you click on over to the rest of the show, we dive more into how the NES era has affected an entire generation. My interview takes place around the 42 minute mark, but be sure to enjoy all the sweet game music that helps make Radio Free Gamer the show that it is!

Enjoy the interview and be sure to check out the show. I’m in the latest episode titled World 2 Level 20.