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The most LOL worthy review of ‘Shamoozal: Ninja’ yet

I wouldn’t normally make this a blog post, but after I read this description of ‘Ninja’ about ten times, I realized it was completely deserving of it’s own post. I guess if you haven’t watched Ninja, go do so and then read the below description.

“Shamoozal: Ninja – Kid and his disgruntled talking dog, Shamoozal, trash his sister’s room by pretending it’s a ninja samurai battleground.”

I mean really, do these people even pay attention to what they watch? If you listen to the podcast, you’ll know that the big running gag lately is the whole “Jacquo the dog” thing. Not only do people think Jacquo is a dog, but I’ve seen him called names like “Taco” once before too.

As I explained in Shamoozal Radio #05, we decided to make a scene in Ninja where Plum not only calls Jacquo a dog, but also refers to him as Taco. In return, Jacquo yells back that he is in fact a rabbit, and that his name is Jacquo.

What is probably the best part of this description is that not only does the person call Jacquo a dog, but also calls him… Shamoozal. Going back to Shamoozal Radio #05, Steve makes the same exact joke saying “I even heard someone refer to him as Shamoozal.”

Hilarious folks. So you tell me, are we that lousy as storytellers, or are these people idiots?

Everything you know about the next Shamoozal Episode

A zoink! But why?

Sorry that we keep teasing you with new info from the next episode of Shamoozal, instead of… you know, actually showing the episode. Then again, I guess you guys went through a similar thing when you were waiting around for Ninja, so you should be used to it.

I thought long and hard about what I should present to everyone this week. Frank and I wondered what images we should show, if any at all. I even thought about showing a near finished scene, but decided against that too. Instead, I decided to give you something even more obscure than normal resulting in that stupid Zoink image up above. It’s only fitting because the Zoinks haven’t had a new cartoon in a year now *gasp*.

The way I look at it, if we reveal anymore info from this short, you’ll have an idea what it’s about. So I want to do things a little differently this week and have you guys do some detective work. Instead of revealing new info, why not just go over everything we already know? Maybe you guys can start to piece the puzzle together.

  • Grey’s house has been redesigned
  • Grey and Jacquo have their backs to the camera in the “mystery background” image
  • Plum jumps out of her chair very angry
  • The word “Crapfest” is in the title (yeah, we made that a word)
  • We thought the episode would get done faster because of “the way the content is being presented” as I said in Shamoozal Radio #05
  • A Zoink is sort of in it
  • It is the longest episode yet

And that my friends… is your update for the week.



Episode Update


Hey guys. Its time for our weekly update for the new episode in production! Booyah! Let’s get to buiseness.

Above is an image of Grey and Jacquo. Clearly, they’re up to something, however I have chosen to keep that under wraps and have hidden the background. This shot pictured is maybe two or two-and-a-half seconds long, but it took me all week to do it. Crazy I know.

Animation, you are indeed a fickle mistress.

When we were storyboarding the new episode, we tried to pick and choose shots where we think some fuller animation will benefit the story. This was one of those shots. Animation is all about action, and this is a crucial shot to help move the story along so we gave this one a little love. I think it came out pretty well and is worth the effort spent on it.

Here’s another hint of what’s to expect in the next short. We wanted to focus more on the characters and their interaction with each other. So while there’s alot more material jammed into this one, we also wanted to focus on building who they are, what they’re all about, and how they play off each other.

So what are Grey and Jacquo up to here? Well, that’s for all you guys and gals out there to figure out!

New Episode Update


Hey all. So this weekend we spent some time putting the podcast together which didn’t leave much time to work on the short. However, we’ve been tinkering with a few of the major backgrounds. The one above will most likely still get a few tweeks here and there before the final release, but its a sample of what we’re up to. Enjoy!

Episode Update


I think its a good idea to use the Nerdlog a bit more to keep everyone updated with the current status of the new episode. In the last podcast, I mentioned that we were about 30% done. That was slightly misleading I suppose. The original idea grew and took on more material (which I think will be pretty darned good if I say so myself). So we have about one minute of final animation done at this point, but we got a bunch of new stuff to get in there.

We have the new short all storyboarded out, and an animatic is cut with the dialog in place. Again, an animatic is basically the entire short timed out to the length of its final run-time. Watching it in this stage gives us a good idea of what the final picture is going to look like. As of right now, it has a run-time of 4.5 minutes. That’s about on par with “Ninja”. However, that isn’t taking the titles into account, and even now I can tell that its going to need some trimming. Some of the shots run a bit too long. However, its ready for animation to begin on it which I plan on doing tomorrow night. The new episode has alot less drawn aspects to it and more puppeting. Plus, both Phil and myself will be animating on it at the same time, so hopefully it’ll be done in the next few weeks.

Tonight, I spent some time prepping some images that Jim is going to make into a new t-shirt design staring our good friend, Man-Bot. Look for them soon. Or later. You guys know how we roll around here. Bloop!

Gearing up for the next episode

Story Board Panel

Last night Frank and I went over to Joe’s place to record some additional dialogue for the next episode. Originally, we thought this was going to be a quick one, but it has turned into much more. I can safely say that this will be our longest episode yet. In fact, we have more than twice the dialogue in this episode than we have in any other one. If everything goes well, this episode should be ready to roll within the next few weeks. Until then, enjoy the image from the storyboard.