Art Talk with Stephen Silver

Something I’ve found during my Artistic Journey over the last year is that I like listening to things that motivate me. Sometimes all I need is a little push to get me in the right mind set in order to inspire me to work harder. Thanks to Stephen Silver I get that little push every Monday morning in the form of an Art Talk video.

Stephen brings years of experience not just as a successful artist, but as a father, into his insightful videos. As someone that is an “Art Dad” it’s nice to see the perspective of someone who not only gets it, but lives it. I’ll take whatever help I can get in figuring out just how to master this work, family, passion balance. However don’t think that there is nothing there for you if you don’t fall into that camp. The nice thing about Stephen’s videos is that they’re helpful for all ranges of artist be it a beginner or a seasoned industry professional.

I’m not going to write too much more here because Stephen’s videos obviously speak for themselves. If you enjoyed these you can find loads more art inspiration over on his channel.

And if you really want, Stephen also offers online mentoring and character design classes through Silver Drawing Academy. This is the artist who designed all those awesome Kim Possible and Danny Phantom characters, so you might wan this advice, I know I do.

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