About Shamoozal

We’re Shamoozal, and we make cartoons.

Our journey onto the internet began back in 2005. Since then we have created a number of quirky animated shorts that have managed to capture the hearts of people across the globe. Our work has been featured on sites such as Mashable, The AV Club, The Verge, Huffington Post, Wired, Laughing Squid, Kotaku, Geeks are Sexy, io9, Polygon, ColdHardFlash, Dorkly, Crunchyroll, The Mary Sue, Smosh, JoBlo, BoingBoing, Newgrounds, MTV and countless others. Needless to say, we have gotten around.

Since the start we have strived to aim for TV quality visuals and audio, along with solid storytelling and a good sense of humor. While we lack in pure man power, we more than make up for this with determination, talent, technical know-how, and the will to push ourselves to do the best work that we can.

We think over the last 10 years we’ve done some solid work. We hope you enjoy what you see and please look forward to more.

Questions? Feel free to contact us!